Tribury Rotary Makes Donation to Food Bank

Michael Grieder, on behalf of the Tribury Rotary, recently made a donation to the Middlebury Food Bank. Shown from left are Michael Grieder, Lead Service Project Manager; Irene Hanley, president and Joanne Capaletti, Middlebury Food Bank Manager.

MIDDLEBURY — Michael Grieder on behalf of the Tribury Rotary, recently made a donation to the Middlebury Food Bank. 

The members of Tribury Rotary want to help as many as possible throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Tribury Rotary feels very strongly in helping our communities,” Mr. Grieder said. 

“It’s wonderful that the Tribury Rotary wants to help as many people as possible. That is what attracted me to the club. I want to help others and what better way than to work with an organization that can benefit so many.” 

The Tribury Rotary seeks to perform varied service projects, to help all different causes, charities, and groups. 

Activities and projects of the Tribury Rotary Club are donated by contributions to The Rotary Foundation, and by various fundraising projects. 

One hundred percent of all donations go back to the communities to help others. 

If interested in making a tax-deductible contribution, all donations may be made at:  

Those interested may visit the Tribury Rotary’s website at:  

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