SOUTHBURY — The following land transfers were recorded in the clerk’s office during the month of October.

The Tarbox family revocable trust et al to Stuart Somers, Unit 6D Heritage Crest, $316,000.

George Mengold to Reto Meier and Helga Lavan, 18 Westenhook Farm Estate, $715,900.

Fred Frueh to Fred and Rosemary Frueh, 1 Acre on White Oak, quit claim.

Robert Brinley, Jr., Trust to Alexander Matosian, 50 Riverhill Park, $300,000.

Geoffrey and Kara Foster to Douglas and Tara Hallock, 1 Ledgebrook, $715,000.

Maria Jacquez to Linda Burmeister, Unit 429A Heritage Village, $255,000.

Emilio LaFontaine to Joan and Kim Guliano, Unit 16A Bldg. 16 Far View Commons, $254,900.

Ronald Coccaro to Joseph and Sharon Kuehn, Unit 191C Heritage Village, $173,000.

Antonio Vas to Antonio and Sandy Vas, 14 Jane Gray Pierce S1 Roxbury Rd., quit claim.

Susan Beneke to Susan Beneke and John Beneke Trust, Unit 235B Heritage Village, quit claim.

Stephen Robeson-Miller trust et al to Nicholas Contino, Unit 944C Heritage Village, $153,502.

Charles Fernandes to the Town of Southbury, 1-2 65-66 BLK 45, quit claim.

Charles Fernandes to Mitchell Swain, 64-66 BLK 69-74 BLK 49 46-54 BLK, $750,000.

Lendor Assets Management Services LLC to Virginia Driscoll, Unit 696A Heritage Village, $180,000.

Tyler Mahoney to Leah Mahoney, S1 Oak Hill Sub., quit claim.

Francine Crystal to Lyn Patton, Unit 683A Heritage Village, $225,000.

Charles and Charlene LeBlanc to Robert and Lynne Lewis, Unit 98B Heritage Village, $171,000.

Gary and Carol Lazarus to Madeline Flynn, Unit 89E Heritage Village, $215,000.

Lise Albert to Terry and Donna Anderson, Unit 346A Heritage Village, $343,000.

Town of Southbury to Joseph Cameros, 14-16 BLK30 Berkshire Estates, quit claim.

Billings and Brugnolo LLC to Eileen Shalvoy, Unit 654A Heritage Village, $323,000.

New England Country Homes to Thomas and Elizabeth Hamilton, 16 Burr Farm, $550,000.

Adelard and Beverly Ligouri to Diana Harris, Unit 355B Heritage Village, $269,900.

Patricia Rowland, Glen Oemcke, Cheryl Summa and Gail Sluis to Dennis Family Trust et al., Unit 575B Heritage Village, $325,000.

Nancy Ragonese Estate et al to Randy and Debra Leonard, Unit 315B Heritage Village, $145,000.

James and Jeannine Rancourt to James Feustel and Katherine Miltakis, 16 Fox Hollow, $700,000.

Glenn Fritz to Tarbox Family Trust et al, Unit 362B Heritage Village, $215,000.

Madeline Flynn to Susan Rosendahl, Unit 317A Heritage Village, $310,000.

Marilynn Vanassche to Lynn and Antonio Musto, Unit 447C Heritage Village, $190,000.

Kristen Jacobsen and James Garvin to Thomas and Jennifer Shaw, 2 Grassy Hill Manor, $390,000.

Erich Weihrauch to Janet Merchan, 34-36 Fish Rock Club, $150,000.

Scott Baldwin estate et al to Gina Palmieri, Unit 214D Heritage Village, $180,000.

Dermal Etemi and Ferdia Kupa to Michael and Catherine Devito, 4 Ledgebrook, $760,000.

Berty Audy Trust et al to Alexandra Cabtral Trust et al, 4C-2 Lovedal, $135,000.

Helen Bioski to Helen Bioski Trust et al, Unit 261C Heritage Village, quit claim.

Peter Santella to Peter Santella Trust et al, Unit B Bldg. 1 Greenhouse Condominium, quit claim.

Jeffrey Blum Trust et al to Lydia Maier and Monica Pondiccio, Unit 976A Heritage Village, $295,000.

Daniel and Carolyn Hanle to Jeffrey and Angel Ng, 1 Heritage Hill Estates, $550,000.

Katie Coelho to Katie Coelho Trust et al, 50 Home and Land Co. LLC, quit claim.

Stacey Smith and Andrea Leslie to Stacey Smith, 10 Scatacook Shores, quit claim.

Becky and Chris Hood to John and Jessica MacDonald, 7-9 BLK 97 Berkshire Estates, $350,000.

Richard and June Walsh to Philip and Kathleen Rudoff, Unit 1008B Heritage Village, $350,000.

Robert Nowlan to Sharon Kowalchik, Unit 127A Heritage Village, $50,000.

Dorothy Pilla to Dorothy Pilla Trust et al, Unit 654 Heritage Village, quit claim.

Javanese LLC to Marilyn Ahearn, Unit 450A Heritage Village, $357,900.

Sara Slater to Barbara Bucci, Unit 779D Heritage Village, $261,000.

Timothy and Venetia Phillippe to Ralph and Maria Gervasio, 30 Woodland Hills Dev Corp, $418,500.

Mervyn Clay et al to Janet Wagner, Unit 90C Heritage Village, $159,900.

Christopher and Kimberly Romano to Stephen Huntley, 27A Southbury Acres Old Waterbury Rd., $360,000.

Robert Englehard to Winifred Ringers, Unit 535A Heritage Village, $150,000.

HFF Services LLC to Alpha Services LLC, 99-102 BLK E Lakeside, quit claim.

Lyman and Loni Gilbert to LG Properties Group Inc., 259-260 Oakdale Manor, quit claim.

Heather Moore to Andra and Heather Moore, 18 Fawn Crest Estates, quit claim.

Ryan Coyle to Joseph and Angela Faulhaber, 1 Ichabod Rd., $665,000.

Scott and Paula Masse to Joseph Manson and Carey Zimmerman, 16 Alexandra Estates, $560,000.

David Morin to Kayla Morin and Timothy Sternberg, Robertson East Flat Hill, $390,000.

Montgomery and Renee Taylor to Kassidy Ogden and Daniel Benzing, 4 Lakeside, $320,000.

Eugene and Denise Kelly to Catherine Marcuccio, Unit 896D Heritage Village, $190,000.

Gerald Bonini and Helga Susmeyer to Bekim and Visare Bajramaj, 7 Pheasant Hill, $749,000.

John and Edward Shamansky to Joseph Faryniarz, Unit 900B Heritage Village, $100,000.

Brugnolo LLC to Victoria Racamato, 7-8 Cedarland Park, $348,500.

Sharon Grimm to Fabricio and Elizabeth Ojeda, 5 English Farms, $356,000.

Purfect Oil LLC to LG Properties Group Inc., 2 PCs Southford Road, $265,000.

Ofer Dagan to Karen Zokas, Unit 21B Bldg. 21 Far View Commons, $259,000.

Town of Southbury to Keith and Susan Atkinson, 3-11 BLK 2 Peach Orchards, quit claim.

Susan Cruz Trust et al to Joan and Kenneth Dohan, Unit 334A Heritage Village, $275,000.

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