WATERBURY — Pomperaug High School’s eCommerce class had a visit from Wing It On! franchising co-founders Matt Ensero and Justin Egan to celebrate a successful 2018-19 school year, which ended with a big win at a regional business competition.

Business and Economics teacher Lois DeGregory invited CEO Mr. Ensero to visit her class after hearing him speak to a group of educators earlier in the year.

The visit aligned with her students’ big win on June 1 at Expo Fest, a business competition produced by Skills21. Ms. DeGregory’s class of seniors took first place in the What If? Entrepreneurship challenge after developing an extensive prototype, business plan and investor presentation for a tech-safety product they call Merge Master.

The product is a motorcycle helmet equipped with lane sensing technology allowing riders to safely change lanes without taking their eyes off the road.

“We are so proud to take home the first place award at the entrepreneurial challenge,” Ms. DeGregory said. “This is the eighth year in a row that we have won this statewide competition since joining Skills21 in 2000.”

Lunch was provided by Wing it On Wheels!, the franchise company’s first corporate-owned food truck managed by Eric Legere.

“We love coming out to support budding entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers. Lois’ class is no exception,” Mr. Ensero said. “Not only were we impressed with their innovative tech but also with their professionalism. We can tell they have what it takes to face tough competition at ExpoFest. We wanted to help them end the year with a big reward.”

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