‘Not Just Corn Maze’ Slated for Woodbury at The Farm Site

Three dinosaurs—Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl appear in the corn maze developed for the Farmstead location of The Farm, 281 Weekeepeemee Rd., Woodbury. The maze and a host of related activities, including pumpkin picking, will be available from Friday, August 30 through October.

WOODBURY — “This is not just a corn maze,” Michael Berecz, owner of The Farm told Voices, explaining he has been working with a professional designer to create one of only two such country attractions in Connecticut, providing the public with a chance to have fun from Friday, August 30 through October at Farmstead location, 281 Weekeepeemee Rd.

In addition to the challenge of finding a way out of the maze, there will be innovative games, relaxing hayrides, traditional pumpkin picking mixed with new contests such as pumpkin bowling, and refreshments to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the local farm in a new way.

“People can see what we’re growing here, up close, maybe buy some fresh produce at the farm market here and just spend a few hours together making memories,” Mr. Berecz Continued.

After taking an informal poll, Mr. Berecz learned that fans of The Farm at Woodbury favored a dinosaur-theme.

He set out in his tractor to map out a course that traces the outlines of three dinosaurs — Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl — to create a path through his cornfield and used the GPS coordinates he recorded to cut the maze.

Kernel B. Cobb, Cornelius Corn and Poppit, are corn-themed characters that will guide children as they enjoy games in the maze, collecting clues by using rubbings, answering questions and finding hidden messages.

“We’re asking people, ‘Are you ready to get lost?’ and we think that’ll be a lot of fun,” Mr. Berecz said, adding that there will be a kid’s maze to ensure that everyone leaves with a smile, but cautioned that adults will be challenged by the layout.

“People going through the maze will be able to get a great view from the 50-foot bridge over the center of the maze, which will also be used by a maze master. He or she will keep an eye out for flags. Anyone can call it quits at any time and just get out quick.”

There will be a mobile app to enhance the experience and provide assistance.

A set of rules will keep the maze safe for all, including a ban on smoking and pets, but the emphasis will be on fun and much more than just the challenge of getting out of the cornfield.

“There will be a sand pit near the maze where kids can dig up fake dinosaur bones, a straw pyramid to climb and much more.” 

Mr. Berecz has spent time thinking about where to locate different features of his new venture.

Those who take advantage of this temporary attraction can enjoy a walk or hayride through the vegetable fields to appreciate the six miles of eggplant and hand-tied tomato and tomatillo plants as they catch a view of the nearby Weekapeemee River.

Mr. Berecz explained that approximately 2,000 to 5,000 pounds of tomatoes are sent from the field to a professional kitchen where the family recipe for sauce is made for sale at Woodbury Floral Designs on Hollow Road and Stew Leonard’s in Danbury.

The hay wagon will provide an easy way to take in the long rows of vegetable plants and to move from attraction to attraction on the four-acre site.

Visitors will be able to pick their own pumpkins and ripe vegetables and learn more about where their food comes from as they see the plants and equipment up close.

Individuals, families and groups will be welcome to create their own experience, as tickets are available for the maze, pick and walk, or combination.

Refreshments will include Harney Teas, donuts and other traditional fall treats, and a full range of fresh farm produce will be available at the farm market.

Mr. Berecz hopes that people from age 2 to 102 will have a blast trying to find their way through the maze as they get a close-up view of a working corn field.

“When all this is over, we’ll harvest the corn in the field to feed our livestock. This is a working farm and we’re hoping that the extra effort to put together a country attraction helps people see what we see and love about this land.”

Mr. Berecz also hopes that his idea will offer families, couples and friends a place to enjoy autumn in a new way. “We’re thinking that the average stay will be two or three hours but people can stay as long as they like.”

The Farm is currently hiring part time help for the maze from September to October.

Advance tickets and more information are available at www.thefarmwoodbury.com.

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