NEWTOWN — The following land transfers were recorded in the office of the town clerk during October.

Jeffrey D. and Kathleen K. Pritchard to Daniel R. Lombardo, 7 Old Farm Rd., $545,000.

Brandon and Lauren Milholland to Piero Tomassi, 93 Poverty Hollow Rd., $660,000.

Turkey Ridge Development LLC to Craig John Weidneer, 2 Turkey Roost Rd., $687,000.

Gail H. Whiteside Revocable Trust to Charles Kelleher, 10 Antler Pine Rd., $310,000.

Dorothy Anderson to Gerard Hubertus, 16 Franklin Ct., $405,000.

3 Acorn Drive LLC to Kimberly Wall, 3 Acorn Dr., $353,000.

Jennifer L. Clark to Michael D. Abate, 12 Crestwood Dr., $315,000.

Emory T. Check to Patrick Fleck, 19 Paugussett Rd., $225,000.

Sharon S. Kewley to Bashkim Limani, 32 Key Rock Rd., $335,000.

Laura Ramos to Chris Albert Clark, 8 Pastors Walk, $279,900.

Laura Holko to Laura Holk, 57 Philo Curtis Rd., quit claim.

Samir Tadros, Inc. to Michael Tadros, 17 Poverty Hollow Rd., quit claim.

Thomas M. and Helen D. Fuchs to Stuart Sneed Deane, 41 Cold Spring Rd., $555,000.

Karen and Patrick McCann to Alexandra Camillos, 48 Taunton Lake Rd., $325,000.

Thomas S. Paloian, Jr., to John H. Callahan, IV, 127 Toddy Hill Rd., $460,000.

Robert M. and Mary Alice Morehouse to Eric T. Smith, 21 Bonnie Brae Dr., $360,000.

Brian A. and Katherine A. Daigle to Mark Christopher McGoldrick, 16 Farm Meadow Rd., $725,000.

William F. and Duong Thi Morris to Jose Fuentes, 203 Hanover Rd., $305,000.

Jason N. Kyle and Aimee J. Pokwatka to Lisa Preepaiboon, 14 Nutmeg Ln., $298,000.

Stephen P. and Toni T. Sullivan to Randy Lockwood, 9 Tanglewood Ln., $350,000.

Anthony T. and Ellen Bonacci to Karen Black, 45 Platts Hill Rd., $460,000.

J. Daniel Amaral to 40 South Main Street, 40 South Main St., $800,000.

Mark Tambascio to Jack Hanna, 30 Edgelake Dr., $86,200.

Albert A. and Dorothy Lourenco to Albert A. Lourenco, 106 Taunton Hill Rd., quit claim.

Robert A. Mulholland to Robert A. Mulholland, trustee, 21 Russet Rd., quit claim.

Linda Dale Mulholland to Linda Dale Mulholland, trustee, 21 Russet Rd., quit claim.

Tracy Kuligowski to Tracy Kuligowski, 3 Cider Mill Rd., quit claim.

Kristyn M. Lynch-Kearney to Kristyn M. Lynch-Kearney, trustee, 25 Boggs Hill Rd., quit claim.

Scott J. Rogers to Lucinda Rogers-Gessford, 29 Shepard Hill Rd., quit claim.

Donald Henry Skalandunas to Donald Henry Skalandunas, trustee, 2 Fern Ln., quit claim.

George R. and Maria Cozzolino to the George and Maria Cozzolino Revocable Trust, 1232 Brookside Ct., quit claim.

Edward J. Steinberg Living Trust to Taryn Marie Blasi, 35 Obtuse Rd., $125,000.

Ann G. Romsky to David Coulter, 5 Evergreen Rd., $370,000.

William and Melissa Brennan to Kurt Eckhardt, 6 Trout Brook Cir., $315,000.

Barbara G. and Kenneth L. Donahue to Firas S. Samander, 1 Beagle Tr., $470,000.

Kurt D. Eckhardt and Linda K. Oliver-Eckhardt to Martha T. Desbiens, 5 Galilee Way, $575,000.

Adam Freeman and Ashley Nechaev to Thomas T. Ramsdell, IV, 2 Driftway Dr., $400,000.

Turkey Ridge Development LLC to Ciara E. Simek, 4A Turkey Roost Rd., $636,430.

John Neuhoff to Jeffrey M. Colpo, 59 Lakeview Ter., $235,000.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership to Susan Kennedy, 434 Brookside Ct., $359,654.

Michael and Sandi Czaplicke to Joseph Alan Maynard, 7 Horseshoe Ridge Rd., $539,000.

Judith B. Galen to Judith B. Galen, trustee, 91 Suzie Dr., quit claim.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Charlene Blat and Alan Blatte, 9 Quarry Ridge Rd., $395,000.

Martha W. Pease to Martha W. Pease, 30 Shut Rd., quit claim.

Kathleen K. Schott to Kathleen K. Schott, 18 Glover Ave., quit claim.

David H. Dworski to Ashleigh Elizabeth Bennett, 56 Mount Pleasant Rd., $372,500.

Peter H. Gamble to Fernanda Torres, 81 Alberts Hill Rd., $465,000.

Corbo Associates LLC to Daniel G. Schofield, 3 Ox Hill Rd., $648,972.

Joanna Caserta to Caitlin M. Hodza, 15 Pebble Rd., $328,000.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership to Anthony Bruno, 436 Brookside Ct., $458,427.

Karen Mary Black to Danielle Venturini, 42 Scudder Rd., $329,500.

Stephanie Cinque to Katherine J. Geerer, 16 Elm Dr., $420,000.

EJDFM Enterprises, Inc. to Eric Salvesen, 17 Botsford Hill Rd., $550,000.

Laurie A. Brautigam to Joseph Golden, 15 Palestine Rd., $225,000.

Anna Boland to Wilberto Usedo, 52 Taunton Lake Rd., $340,000.

Bluelinx Corporation to Christian Oxford Associates LLC, 201 South Main St., $1,350,000.

Michele Bronson to Joseph J. Iannucci, 66 Edgelake Dr., quit claim.

Barbara Watt to Barbara Watt, 6 Washbrook Rd., quit claim.

David T. Rouleau to David T. Rouleau, 39 Paugussett Rd., quit claim.

Matthew and Heidi Brisson to Roger Nelson, 5 Hemlock Rd., $407,500.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership to Carole McMahon, 413 Brookside Ct., $336,516.

Derek Bell to Eric W. Schnaible, 44 Hoseye Coach Rd., $550,000.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership to George Risley, 415 Brookside Ct., $439,996.

Reiner P. Pister to Thomas V. James, 12 Echo Valley Rd., $350,000.

Michael W. and Barbara Smyth Fitzgerald to Patricia K. Hirsch, 7 Mount Pleasant Rd., $489,000.

Michael P. and Patricia A. Shannon to Leonardo Leite, 12 Woodbine Ln., $65,000.

Chicane Base LLC to GMT Holdings, LLC, 16 Commerce Rd., $2,735,000.

HW1945 LLC to Suwon Thai Vongsaroj, Lot 1 Meridian Ridge, $80,000.

A. William Muzzio, Jr., and Patricia L. Breheney to Joseph G. Esposito, $510,000.

Steven V. and Anne LaBianco to Scott LaBianco, 5 River Edge Dr., $350,000.

Brent P. and Melinda S. Hazzard to Shamsher Varma, 32 Marlin Rd., $495,000.

Walter and Sandra R. Motyka to Joan Goulding, Parcel 15A Kent Road, $25,000.

Lisa M. LeBlanc to Melanie P. Taylor, 9 Sycamore Dr., $280,000.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership to Stephen Verses, 435 Brookside Ct., $329,643.

Samaha LLC to Enrico Casagrande, 62 Platts Hill Rd., $549,000.

Barbara Gambino to Jack Schwarts, 10 Oak Dr., $285,000.

Eva Ann Stowell to Eve A. and Mark E. Stowell, 45 Bennetts Bridge Rd., quit claim.

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