NEWTOWN — The following land transfers were recorded in the office of the town clerk during February.

Samuel and Ellen Vincent to Ramon M. Soto, 55 Pond Brook Rd., $550,000.

Francis J. and Gloria J. Von Oy to Vanessa Tobin, 19 Saddle Ridge Rd., $463,000.

Jonathan G. and Dianne G. Lawrence to Kory King, 6 Kale Davis Rd., $260,000.

Issac K. and Susan Raju Varghese to Sharynn D. Hall, 10 Whitewood Rd., $550,000.

Judith H. Duda, trustee, to Jody Altenhof, 815 Brookside Ct., $412,000.

John M. and Amy Potucek to Joseph Sgagliardich, 49 Toddy Hill Rd., $380,000.

Philip A. and Wendy S. Tavella to Matthew T. Tavella, 187 Sugar St., $215,000.

Barkwood Property Group LLC to Juan Carlos Quevedo, 9 Bear Hill Rd., $251,000.

Estate of Oscar Berendsohn to Cynthia Cowen Paliotta, 34 Appleblossom Ln., $267,500.

U.S. Bank Trust to Cascade Funding, 35 Pocono Rd., quit claim.

Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 to NEMCO, LLC, portion of 30 Hawleyville Rd., quit claim.

Susan L. Genua to Genua Family Living Trust, 6 Meadow Brook Rd., quit claim.

Elizabeth A. Keating to Cosmo J. Alberico, 33 Whitewood Rd., quit claim.

Cosmo J. and Nancy Alberico to Elizabeth A. Keating, 35 Whitewood Rd., quit claim.

Annmarie Brennan to Annmarie Brennan, 2A Fir Tree Ln., quit claim.

Hedgerow Properties, LLC to Kathleen Tsaousis, 58 Pecks Ln., $115,000.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership to Victor Ekperigin, 401 Brookside Ct., $329,478.

Robert J. and Susan S. Mouchantat to Jerome Kozera, 22 Underhill Rd., quit claim.

Mikhail Sokolov to Kristina Gonzalez, 36 Botsford Hill Rd., $268,040.

Rafaela D. Moraes to Beth Totenel, 78 Currituck Rd., $301,240.33.

Bruno Machado to William Theodore Maxwell, IV, 17 Old Green Rd., $392,000.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company to Bank of America, 51 Elizabeth Cir., Unit 511, quit claim.

MTAG Customer Empire Portfolio to Cecil Bramble, 125 Lakeview Ter., quit claim.

James V. Cesario to Rosemary A. Cesario, 24 St. George Pl., quit claim.

Maria Gallo to Phyllis M. Bettino, 7 Rose Ln., quit claim.

Paul Russo to KP Newtown, LLC, 6 Mile Hill Rd., quit claim.

Jesse L. Gregory to Jesse L. Gregory, 9 Valley Field Rd. South, quit claim.

Robert and Kathy Ann Phillips to Jason Wigglesworth, 11 Fawnwood Rd., $465,000.

Rosemarie B. Gollenberg, trustee, to Christopher L. Mammano, 121 Taunton Hill Rd., $337,500.

Dejae Holdings to Luciana Pereira Ogando 216 South Main St., $220,000.

Carol Bistany and Barbara Bistany Kasbarian to James Marcuculli, 43 Elizabeth Cir., $267,500.

Gregory J. and Laura Anne Herrmann to Sharon Lynn Smith, 4 Kaechele Dr., $321,000.

Michael J. Slimak and Kimberly M. Slimak to Ryan C. Lahey, 7 Newbury Rd., $625,000.

Roman Rozinka to Roman Rozinka, 57 Charter Ridge Dr., quit claim.

John F. Simonetti, trustee, to Dejae Holdings, 216 South Main St., quit claim.

Glenham McMurdo to Erin McMurdo, 35 Tunnel Rd., quit claim.

Barbara F. Schroeter to Gregory J. Herrmann, 18 White Oak Farm Rd., $380,000.

PHH Mortgage Corporation to HFF Services, 15 Turkey Hill Rd., $191,000.

Ryan and Daisha Lahey to Joseph Clement Ruotolo, 5 Newbury Rd., $533,500.

Shellie Lee to Luke Imerini, 84 Edgelake Dr., $160,000.

Robert H., II, and Vicki M. Clark to Wesley Lazzara, 68 Mile Hill Rd. South, $465,000.

Courtney B. McKenna to Michael Joseph DeVito, 41 Poverty Hollow Rd., $525,000.

Wendy Jean to Wendy Jean Clarke Revocable Trust, 9 Taunton Lake Rd., quit claim.

David M. Clarke to David M. Clarke Revocable Trust, 9 Taunton Lake Rd., quit claim.

Matthew D. and Leah A. Kirshner to Ocean State Trust, 2 Hedge Meadow Ln., quit claim.

Steven M. and Abagail L. Hill to Steven M. and Abagail L. Hill Revocable Trust, 157 Boggs Hill Rd., quit claim.

Steven M. and Abagail L. Hill Revocable Trust to Steven M. Hill, 157 Boggs Hill Rd., quit claim.

Carole Ann Blore to Frederick Edward Blore, Jr., 38 Underhill Rd., quit claim.

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