WOODBURY — A new naturopathic medical clinic is open in Woodbury, offering personalized medicine for men, women and children with a focus on preventive health, digestive issues, autoimmune disease and environmental medicine.

Dr. Tara Tranguch Naturopathic Medicine is located in Barclay Square, 20 Sherman Hill Rd., next to Carlito’s Restaurant.

Dr. Tara Tranguch is a naturopathic doctor licensed in the Connecticut. 

She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine, winning awards for both academic excellence and excellence in naturopathic philosophy.

Her clinical training emphasized nutrigenomics, a form of precision medicine offering personalized nutrition, lifestyle and supplements based on an individual’s genetic pathways.

She is trained in homeopathy, a form of personalized nano-medicine that treats the whole person, and offers hydrotherapy, a powerful water treatment to boost immunity and detoxify the body.

Dr. Tranguch explained that naturopathic medicine offers a natural, effective approach to health care with a special focus on chronic illness and disease prevention. 

Her vision is to change the paradigm of health care from treating disease to delivering wellness.

“As a naturopath, I take time to listen to the patient, to really understand their past medical history, current symptoms, wellness goals and where they are on their journey to improved health,” she said. 

“Everyone should have a naturopath in their corner. Naturopathy offers a truly curative form of medicine that treats the whole person. It integrates seamlessly with conventional care and in some instances can relieve the need for it.”

Dr. Tranguch has her B.A. in English and Chinese from Duke University. 

Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Tranguch worked overseas in marketing and strategy for the telecoms markets in China and France. 

She returned to Connecticut to learn organic vegetable farming and became a certified health coach.

She launched Serafina Says Farm, a superfood and wellness farm based in Canton that reunited medicine with agriculture.

“I loved reconnecting people with the soil and their food sources, and empowering them to take control of their health through daily choices. It resonated with everyone and was a joyous approach to wellness,” she said.

A resident of Woodbury, Dr. Tranguch is excited to be opening a naturopathic medical clinic in town.

“I loved growing up in Woodbury and I am so happy to have returned home to raise my family,” she said. “This is an energized, fun community and I look forward to contributing to its health.”

Appointments with Dr. Tranguch are available in-person and via tele-health. 

All in-person appointments follow safety protocols with full sanitation between each visit.

Those seeking to learn more and to schedule an appointment may visit her website at www.drtaratranguch.com. 

The office phone number is 203-707-1163. The email address is hello@drtaratranguch.com.

People are invited to reach out to her on Facebook facebook.com/drtranguch and Linkedln linkedin.com/in/taratranguch.

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