MONROE — The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office during September.

R. Mastroni Excavating LLC and Robert Mastroni to Rose Milazzo, 55 Karen Dr., $462,500

Randall L. and Cathryn E. Johnson to Julie Butler, 412 Purdy Hill Rd., $725,000.

Michael R. Sengstock to Stephen Broer and Colleen Morrissey, 213 Josies Ring Rd., $445,000.

Craig L. and Nancy E. Allen to Mario Roberto Cardona and Nohelia Yanery Martinez, 30 Nancy Dr., $270,000.

EG Homes LLC and EG Group LLC to Steven R. and Jessica W. Treglia, 35 Birdseye Rd., L 15, $160,000.

Michael J. and Linda A. Picheco to John Leroi and Catherine Vodola, 230 Hammertown Rd., $590,000.

Edward and Linda Schaffer to Alexander and Olena Mitev, 39 Quarter Horse Dr., $607,000.

Christopher and Kendall Sherman to Edward and Lynn Aleman, 55 Cottage St., $421,000.

Paula M. Luciano, trustee, and Matthew Briand, trustee, and C&F Revocable Trust to Ryan Delrossi, 20 Little Diet Rd., $235,000.

BD Asset Co. 3 LLC, BD Property Owner LLC and Davis Real Estate to Abel and Elaine Da Silva, 218 Turkey Roost Rd., $420,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Alyssa Bardinelli, 204E Windgate Cir., $199,900.

Estate of Joseph Gallucci to Marilyn Collis, 156 Highland Dr., $200,000.

Robert G. and Mary Beth Bottini to Laura Elizabeth and Robert Gerard Whelen, III, 31 Quarter Horse Dr., $565,000.

Donald B. and Camille E. Whaley to Jonathan Urbina, 6 Mayfair Ct., $520,000.

Randall C. and Karen Lee Mason to Yuliana Bermudez and David Lopez, 536 Elm St., $360,000.

Frank M. and Valerie B. Bucci to Klerson and Fabiano Santos Macena, 41 Scenic Hill La., $469,000.

John W. Newman to Jesse Vollenweider, 46 Moosup Tr., $185,000.

Pine Creek Development LLC, Thomas C. Wrabel, Cathleen Kings-Wood, Charles King, Janet Wrabel and Ryan Wrabel to Daniel and Antonia Ferman, 72 Twin Brook Ter., $374,000.

Krzysztof Kuczynski to Jason R. and Jennifer Anne Ginty, 83 Woodlawn Rd., $440,000.

David P. and Monica M. Wilson to John L. and Antoinetta I. Hudak, 32 Meadow Brook Dr., $380,000.

Estate of Judith Velky to William P. and Annmarie C. Harrison, 12 Jones Hill Rd.. $370,000.

Leonard Paschalidas to Mariana Bermeo, 148 Wheeler Rd., $188,500.

Christopher and Melissa Bajda to George Keklik and Bethany Barbar, 55 Turkey Roost Rd., $435,000.

Estate of Michael E. and Larisa Balestrieri to John McCaffery, 30 Applegate La., $475,000.

Jaime Geisel to Deborah Jezierski, 2 Cherry Hill Cir., $420,000.

Patrick J. Tripodi to Laurie and Ralph Corasanita, 29 Boot Shop La., $430,000.

CT Houses LLC and Paul Duh to Michael Daniels, 118 Elm St., $110,000.

Stamatia Koutikas to Ibrahim and Nimati Sakakini, 5 Sterling Pl., Unit 402G, $235,000.

Robert F. and Deborah K. Frankel to Christopher R. and Kendall M. Sherman, 27 Shawnee La., $600,000.

193 Main St. LLC and Lynne T. Macchiarulo to 193 Main St. Monroe LLC, 193 Main St., $65,000.

Clemente and Janine Alvear to Roy and Lyn Spaulding, 109 Secret Hollow Rd., $450,000.

Gail A. Kealey to Brian James Grabowski, 155 Lazy Brook Rd., $440,600.

Sondra Stern McDonald to Michael Easter and Alyssa Havens, 18 Bob White Ter., $375,584.

Edward W. Holden, Jr., to Stephen Holden, 114 Old Zoar Rd., $355,000.

Merilou Reed to Susanne C. Truax, 50 Senior Dr., $95,000.

Timothy and Wendy Frate to Frank and Sali Borres, 168 Hammertown Rd., $410,000.

Thomas Slate LLC to Elaine Davis, 15 Senior Dr., $108,500.

Perfecto Thomas to Brandon and Erin Leon-Gambetta, 51 Verna Rd., $330,060.

Mary Gilbertson and Donald B. Abernathy to Cheryl A. Luckner, 58 Senior Dr., $115,000.

Angela S. Richert, trustee, and Henry J. Richert, co-trustee, to Justin Russell, 541-543 Moose Hill Rd., $348,500.

Thomas A. John to Georgia and Matthew Nyquist, 66 Old Colony Rd., $500,000.

Mark and Robyn Augustine to John and Maria Santos, 9 Captains Hill Rd., $400,000.

Estate of Mary Mclaughlin to Sherhiy and Nadiya Shmihulets, 7 Hollow Tree La., Unit 7, $239,000.

Estate of Thomas Meath to Connie S. Gatewood, 212 Windgate Cir., Unit A, $185,000.

Kenneth C. Heim to Benjamin Schroeder, 27 Turkey Roost Rd., $279,000.

Charles Sutton to Jeffrey Schulman and Allison Stark, 16 Beech Tree La., $655,000.

Maurice and Judy Ruggiri to Robyn and Mark Augustine, 8 Penny Royal La., $685,000.

Gianine Paoletta-Craw to Erin Galicia, 5 Blanket Meadow Rd., $604,000.

Nancy Greenberg to Kristen Catino, 16 Willowbrook Cir., $253,900.

Sean J. and Kimberly A. Pluchino to Michael De Meis and Kristina Falconieri, 29 Heritage Rd., $355,000.

Matthew Levinson to Douglas Knapp and Jaqueline Luna-Knapp, 31 Scenic Hill La., $605,000.

US Bank NA to 10 Abbey Rd. LLC, 10 Abbey Rd., $2,442.

Justin T. and Stephanie J. Floody to Balbina Rodriguez, 44 Pastors Walk, $320,000.

Irena R. Dzierzbinski to Maria Mendes, 63 Old Tannery Rd., $365,000.

Joseph G. and Lisa B. Cardi to Shadia Islam, 9 Blanket Meadow Rd., $535,000.

Hien Tran and Trinh Tang to Elizabeth Santangelo, 49 Wiltan Dr., $317,000.

Christina Marini to Sabriel and Laura Abreu, 10 Gerardo Dr., $435,000.

Paul M. and Eileen Flahive to Rowland K. School and Jackie Ann Abbott, 40 Spinning Wheel Rd., $475,000.

Tonelli Sports LLC and James Michael Tonelli to Ronnice Little, 54 Wild Horse Ct., $719,000.

Danny Mellchione to Robert Duarte, 24 Bugg Hill Rd., $395,000.

Megan Louise Frederick to Ileana Smotesco, 7 Stonecroft Way, $535,000.

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