MONROE — The following property transfers were recorded in the town clerk’s office during July.

Phillip Desser to Catherine Karas, 34 Highland Dr., Unit 34, $177,500.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA, to Jessica Powers and Rory Matthew Miller, 70 Scenic Hill La., $275,500.

Michelle Marie Woitowitz and Eric Scott Bleakney to Aaron Alexander and Farrah Askenback, 240 Wheeler Rd., $325,500.

Paula M. Luciani, trustee, Martin Desiro, C&F Edgerton Revocable Trust, and Matthew Briand, trustee to David Maragh, 9 Little Diet Rd., $100,000.

Glen J. Belush to Yesenia, Francisco and Nicole Velez, 489 Purdy Hill Rd., $489,000.

Lauren and Jonathan A. Radley to Brandon Hirshfield and Monica Kowlaski, 224 Pastors Walk, $335,000.

James Wong to Anthony S. and Brittney M. Artese, 108 Far Horizon Dr., $295,000.

Cascade Fund Mtg Tr 2017-1 to Jesus Molina, 103 Bart Rd., $281,000.

Cecilia and Charles A. Bertoni, Jr., to Meghan L. Emanuelson, 16 Juniper Cir., $268,000.

Richard Cammarano to Shital and Pranav Mehta, 100 Secret Hollow Rd., $470,000.

Susan E. Doland to Lyn Farrington, 115 Highland Dr., $225,000.

Catherine Yaworowski to Daniel S. Kulakov and Yulia Matlakhova, 450 Wheeler Rd., $360,000.

Gary N. and Heidi S. Howden to Christian and Karen Dittrich, 716 Wheeler Rd., $659,900.

Bank of America, NA, to Colleen M. McCarty, 572 Moose Hill Rd., $226,233.

Francine C. Mowka to Kristin Pena, 43 Secret Hollow Rd. #43, $425,000.

Fannie Mae, aka, Federal National Mortgage Association to Salih Mujovic, 19 Hiram Hill Rd., $350,000.

Estate of Kenneth Tobin to Luca Lorenzi, 85 Lazy Brook Rd., $505,000.

Agostino and Sheila Roma to Stanley F. Jablonka, 216 Old Newtown Rd., $365,000.

Amanda M. Peloso and Andrew Sims to Lorie Brown, Unit 11, Echo Pond Road, $265,000.

Julia L. Walters to Julia L. Depiano, 54 Misty La., $472,000.

Paul W. and Donna O’Meara to Michael and Devon Diaz, 16 Founders Way, $545,000.

Juliet M. Gallicano to Harry and Lien Vu, 15 Block Farm Rd., $610,000.

Best Family Trust, Sallie A. and John F. Best, trustees, to Nicole Hershberger, 9 Sterling Pl., Unit 402C, $255,000.

Amanda and Matthew Richard Losh to Damian Currier, 384 Elm St., $316,000,

HFF Services LLC, Yakov and Boris Avesov, to Karalyn and Kurt Kling, 7 Birchwood La., $290,000.

Samonek Family Trust and Nancy A. Samonek to Nino Lomashvili, 118 Richards Dr., $360,000.

Zinsky Estate to Gary N. and Heidi S. Howden, 347 Moose Hill Rd., $218,000.

Thomas Polchowski to Marcela A. LaTorre Laos, 380 Webb Circle, $75,000.

Tara A. Smith to Andrew and Amanda Sims, 219 Church St., $440,000.

Leonard F. Copertino Revocable Trust to Irena Dzierzbinski, 17 Behrens Ter., $117,500.

Mae Copertino to Irena Dzierzbinski, 17 Behrens Ter., $117,500.

Mackenzie M. and John Robens to Bryan and Karen Camacho, 16 High Meadow Rd., $365,000.

Estate of Kenneth C. Della Corte to Gregory John and Nicole Jessica Repko, 57 East Dale Dr., $375,000.

Bank of NY Mellon to Michael Tadros, 120 Knorr Rd., $246,750.

Jin Ki Hong to Matthew and Taylor Hackney, 37 Lanthorne Rd., $765,000.

John D. and Betty Lou McKeown to Gaurang B. and Sejal G. Patel, 12 Manor Dr., $157,068.

Paul B. and Patricia M. Saltanis to John Orourk and Terri B. Hurley, 326 Moose Hill Rd., $330,000.

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