MIDDLEBURY — The following land transfers were recorded in the office of the town clerk during June.

Cynthia Halas to Michal and Katherine Sobotka, 89 Bona Rd., $435,000.

5 Bristol Road LLC to Round Cove Trust, II, two pieces Route 64, $1,550,000.

Robert S. Robinson, Robert H. Robinson and Susan M. Robinson to Rafael Herrera, 78 Shadduck Rd., $450,000.

Patricia and Clyde Sanchez to Lori Pollard Bozza, 146 Yale Ave., $300,000.

Gregory J. Tesch to Juliana Bonanni and Damien Soler, 818 Middlebury Rd., $275,000.

Terrence Stephen and Arlene Barone McAuliffe, trustees, to Terrence and Arlene McAuliffe Revocable Trust, 30 Independence Cir., quit claim.

Salvadora E. Hearn, trustee, to Tormo West Lake LLC, 10 West Lake Rd., quit claim.

Toll CT II Limited Partnership to John D. Mattscheck, 178 Ridgewood Dr., $554,995.

Martha B. Gargoni to Morkos H. and Manal B. Hanna, 254 Joy Rd., $300,000.

Ryan K. and Jennifer M. Dugan to Anuj and Nasreen Bagwan Malik, 275 Burr Hall Rd., $1,100,000.

Stefanie C. Warner to William T. Warner, 496 Middlebury Rd., $140,000.

Paul J. and Joyce V. Perrella to Kevin Karjala and Margaret Murphy, 165 Skyline Dr., $525,000.

Donald W. McGill, trustee, to Town of Middlebury, Washington Drive, quit claim.

Robert J. and Deborah E. Marages to Katie E. Marages, Kelly A. Marages and Mark R. Marages, 4 Weymouth Way, quit claim.

Toll CT II Limited Partnership to Charles J. and Amy G. Spallino, 183 Ridgewood Dr., $542,437.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Scott and Danielle Chinitz, 62 Ridgewood Dr., $445,000.

Stephen Rubenstein and June Gaston to Stephen Rubenstein and June Gaston, trustee, 91 Mirey Dam Rd., quit claim.

Syed M. and Shahina Rahman to Andrew Christensen, Ashley L. Rossetti, Mark T. Rossetti and Cathleen V. Rossetti, 16 Independence Cir., $662,500.

Caleb David and Claire Elizabeth Wiley to Leigh and Katherine S. Buckens, 536 Tranquility Rd., $675,000.

David R. Theroux and A. Stanley Voket to MDG Middlebury LLC, 11.501 acres, Stevens, Nutmeg and Regan Roads, $550,000.

Nancy D. Vaughan to Robert A. Andrea, 61 Sandy Hill Rd., $385,000.

Michael J. and Susan S. McGaughan to Lauren A. McGaughan and Jason D. Morosky, 614 Watertown Rd., $300,000.

Jin Kim and Ann Y. Yu to Christopher and Patricia Decamp, 27 Winding Tr., $475,000.

Patricia A. to David M. Pocius and Stephanie A. Greaves, trustees, 101 Carriage Dr., quit claim.

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