Massage Envy of Southbury Offers Massage Therapy and Skincare

Massage Envy, 775 Main St. South, offers massage therapy and skincare services. Staff members include (from left) Morgan Weekland, Jakub Antos, Andrea Kercado, Thomas Murphy and Drita Kinic.

SOUTHBURY — Massage Envy, 775 Main St. South, offers massage therapy and skincare services, with a membership format for those who want to regularly incorporate these elements into their lives. Owner Vincent Manna told Voices that stress relief is one of the main benefits of massage. “When I was a member at Massage Envy in Brookfield, I would get massages because my neck would get so tight. I was an IT exec on Wall Street and, when I retired at age 50, I decided I wanted to bring that sense of relief and comfort to other people.”

He described how the business offers massage in a safe environment.

“We offer affordable massage therapy that fits into a space between individual therapists and a resort. Massage Envy is a franchise with about 900 owners and 1,300 clinics. We’ve since expanded to offer esthetician services such as microderm abrasion and a line of high-end cosmetics.”

Recently, the facility began providing facial series powered by Proactiv, helping patients referred by physicians for this particular treatment.

Mr. Manna noted that massage can also help people recover from trauma such as an accident. “People can purchase a membership pack and come in every week until they feel better.”

He added, “Now more than ever, we need relief from stress. A membership can provide people with a massage every month where a second massage in that month is discounted.”

As he faced the business and safety challenges of the pandemic, he considered that his staff would stay on site for eight hours at a time. “I want to keep clients safe, but they come and go in short visits. If I ensured that our highly skilled and award winning staff was safe for those longer periods of time, I’d be protecting everyone.”

He invested in an air treatment system with three units. “A UV light treats the air and kills 99.9 percent of germs, filtering out dust and putting out hydrogen peroxide on surfaces. I wanted the best solution I could find because my staff and clients should be in a safe environment.”

The system works with cleaning protocols such as wiping down surfaces and screening at the door.

“I’d rather err on the side of safety and turn someone away because, once you are in the door, the relaxing should start,” he said. “It’s working. We’ve provided more than 5,000 massages since July 1 and there have been no incidents.”

He pointed out that clients are happy that Massage Envy is taking safety seriously.

Although he installed the new air cleaning system in response to Covid-19, he’s noted an 85 percent reduction in sick days.

“There is a lot of interaction in a service room so this is an added level of safety on top of the tremendous protocols we have, such as underage clients must be accompanied by a parent. That’s the beauty of being part of a franchise. There is regulation and we enjoy buying power but we can make decisions.”

Mr. Manna noted that there is an audit conducted every three months to verify each franchise operates consistently. “I’m only as good as the next franchise.”

Of owning his own business, he commented, “Turns out, this is the hardest job I’ve ever had because, when you own your own business, you’re everything, from janitor to CEO.

“When I decided to open this clinic, I asked what I’d want as a client. I liked the opportunity to sample different levels of massage and know that I was accessing skilled therapists. I hired people with experience. I listened to what motivates them and why they got into massage. The people who work here want to help people and the response from the community has been great.”

Appointments may be booked online at and questions may be directed to 203-263-3689.

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