MIDDLEBURY —Quassy Amusement and Water Park’s ship will come in when the lakeside property introduces Tidal Wave, a family ride that incorporates a clipper-like themed vessel suspended on a swinging pendulum and soars more than 30 feet into the air, at 2132 Middlebury Rd.

“We’re certainly excited about bringing this new attraction in for next season,” said Quassy President Eric Anderson. “It will replace the Pirate ship, which has been at the park since our centennial in 2008.”

Currently being built by SBF/Visa Group in Italy, Tidal Wave will have a capacity of 32 persons with eight rows of bench seats to accommodate up to four guests each.

As the ship swings back and forth, it will gain momentum and height, creating the sensation of weightlessness at its highest point.

The colorful attraction will also feature a state-of-the-art LED system that will illuminate the ride towers, pendulum and entrance area.

Mr. Anderson commented, “Our other new rides installed in recent years all have LEDs and we’ve added the computerized lights to a number of other existing rides and attractions in the park.”

Tidal Wave marks the sixth new ride from SBF/Visa Group that Quassy has purchased over the past decade.

Mr. Anderson explained, “We really like the build, looks and repeat ridership in our SBF/Visa lineup. They’ve been in the business for more than 50 years and have a very diverse catalog of equipment with hundreds in installations worldwide.”

Quassy’s first SBF/Visa ride, Free Fall’N, was introduced in 2010, when the park embarked on a multi-year capital improvement plan.

“Free Fall’N is as popular today as it was when we first opened it,” Mr. Anderson said of the thrill ride that holds 12 guests and plunges them during a series of drops more than 30 feet above the midway.

Frantic was added in 2015, along with SBF/Visa kiddie bumper cars.

Reverse Time was added in 2016 and, in 2017, the park ushered in a new kiddieland area on the lakefront, which included Skipper’s Clippers, an SBF/Visa piece with mini pirate ships that have interactive functions for children.

Adults can participate on the attraction with their youngsters.

Quassy Amusement Park and Water Park is in its 111th year and features more than two dozen rides and attractions.

Splash Away Bay waterpark has dozens of ways to get drenched on warm summer days, including 15 slides, Saturation Station modular play area and a splash pad for toddlers.

Quassy also features a laser maze attraction in its huge arcade building, a restaurant, redemption arcade, games, live entertainment and special events.

Season passes are on sale now at the park office and through the Quassy website at www.quassy.com.

Company picnics, school field trips and other catered events are also being scheduled through the park office at 203-758-2913.

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