At 1022 Main St. in Watertown: Cairns & Creations Shop Offers Crystals, Candles, Gifts and More

Owners Dani (left) and Erin Work want to offer healing experiences through their new gift shop Cairns & Creations on Main, 1022 Main St., Watertown, which opened in October.

WATERTOWN — Owners Erin and Dani Work want to offer healing experiences through their new gift shop Cairns & Creations on Main, 1022 Main St., which opened in October. Erin Work told Voices that she didn’t even know the word cairn, nor did she set out to open a business when she made her first rock sculpture.

“I was coming out of my last rehab with a grim prognosis. I had multiple organ failures but my dad wasn’t taking no for an answer. He nursed me back to health with the medical team.”

Wanting to express her deep gratitude, she was aware of the magnitude of what he had done and what it meant to her, literally saving her life. “How do you say thank you for that?”

She turned to her collection of small rocks, gathered over time at her parents’ home in Rhode Island. “I put the rocks together in a column and didn’t think it was enough. I took apart a jewelry set and embellished it. I found out later that what I had made was called a cairn, which is a spiritual piece.”

“Cairns are a balancing act,” Dani Work said. “They can fall down and, sometimes, when you rebuild them, they are not like they were originally. But the point is that you get back up again.”

Not only did Erin’s father enjoy the cairn she’d made for him, but others also found it attractive and asked for their own. “Creating cairns became part of my sobriety and keep me on the straight and narrow now,” she said.

Soon, Erin was offering cairns at vendor fairs, where customers and fellow vendors would give her ideas and inspiration. “They taught me what my products were,” she said. “They also introduced me to crystals and their special properties. That sparked a passion in me.”

Those who visit the store are often people whose family members are experiencing addiction and Erin shares her story. “Maybe they find a cairn or a bracelet made from amethyst, which has healing properties, to ground themselves,” she explained. “There’s not much peace to be found in that situation so it’s a blessing to be able to talk, to find peace for a moment.”

There are more than 150 tumbled stones, each with a description of the healing powers associated with that stone. Stones are used in rings, bracelets, necklaces and even potholders sold in the shop.

Kids love to put a quarter in a vintage gumball machine and receive several pieces of polished agate.

A shelf in the shop is illuminated by black light to show stones such as a white quartz turns bright pink in that light or tiny flecks become highly visible in another stone.

There are also larger pieces suitable for display and a wide array of items made by local artisans that incorporate crystals, such as charcuterie boards, air plants in a twisted frame that holds a stone, and carved Pokémon figures.

Hand-poured candles include precise fragrances so that the peach pie smells like a freshly baked treat and the cauldrons include appropriate charms.

There are little Juju jars that can be worn as pendants and larger jars that can sit on desks, intention packets with stones selected to focus on certain thoughts or wishes, dream and sun catchers, advent calendars, whimsical rock gardens, an array of essential oils, as well as watercolor greeting cards, hand-painted by an artist who created original images and depictions of cairns that could hold a meaningful message between author and recipient.

“It’s amazing how many people are touched by addiction,” Dani said. “When we share our story, we’re making ourselves vulnerable and, the next thing you know, they’re making themselves vulnerable, and the healing begins. There’s been a lot of good crying in the store.”

“Sometimes we just listen or offer a hug,” Erin said. “As people struggle, they sometimes just need to know someone understands. There’s been a lot of healing here.”

In addition to spiritual items, Cairns & Creations offers healing services such as Reiki energy healing, meditation sound baths and tarot, oracle, astrology and aura readings.

Erin said, “My wife and I were never into any of this. We met Christina from the Ruby Tree in Woodbury as we were vending, and were a little skeptical, but we figured we’d try a reading. That reading laid out every milestone that we’ve passed in coming to open this business, in this place.

“People ask if we really believe and I can only describe my personal experience. I find the universe always provides and having that reading helped me to second guess every decision as we moved forward with Cairns & Creations.”

“We felt like we were on the right path, which is nice since money can be tight when you open a new business,” Dani agreed.

The couple is eager to repay Watertown for its warm welcome and is coordinating a toy drive as well as collecting items that the town animal shelter needs.

A list of items desired is on the town website.

“We want to be a safe place, LGBTQ+ friendly, that gives back to the community. A healing center,” Dani said.

Cairns & Creations is usually open from 1 to 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, noon to 8 p.m. Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays, but will extend to seven days a week from Thanksgiving through the end of the year.

Private tours of the shop are available by appointment and more information about weekly events is available by calling 203-597-7803 or visiting

Free local delivery and flat rate shipping is available.

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