Injured Cat Gets Second Chance at Life

Better Days Rescue Fund has taken on the care of Blue, an FIV positive cat who has recovered from severe injuries.

SOUTHBURY — Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem. And sometimes, that can mean the difference between life and death.

That was true for Blue, a misunderstood cat who persevered through terrible pain and injury only to find himself facing a death sentence. 

But because a caring person saw through the first impression, and others stepped up to help, Blue has a second chance at life. 

Southbury Animal Control received a call from a kind person who feeds strays in her yard. One of them appeared injured. An animal control officer trapped “Blue,” who was assumed to be feral, to see if he could be helped.

The cat had a large scarred area that reached from one side of his body to the other. 

What actually happened to Blue, only he knows. His rescuers suspect he was hit by a car and rolled on the pavement as it tore away his fur and layers of skin.

Miraculously, he avoided infection and managed to stay alive as scar tissue formed over his wounds. The vet reported that Blue had healed from that event, but also found that he was FIV positive.

FIV is contagious, but many cats who test positive live long and happy lives with the right care. 

Unfortunately, Animal Control cannot release an FIV positive cat back outside. Because they thought Blue was feral, they also could not rehome him.

Normally, this leaves only one option, euthanasia. 

Melissa Seeley, an animal control officer for Southbury and Bethlehem, saw something special in Blue and was determined to save him a second time by finding him a place to call home.

Earlier in the year she attended a Better Days Rescue Fund event and learned that BDRF was a local, all volunteer, special needs cat rescue and sanctuary. Melissa reached out to see if they could save him from his circumstance and bring him into their sanctuary.

“Blue had survived his wound against all odds and was finally rescued,” said BDRF Executive Director Yvonne Reelick. “Putting him to sleep after all that had happened to him would have been a tragedy.

“We were not going to let it happen,” she said. “Even though money is tight, we stepped up and stepped in.”

After they had Blue in their care for a few days, BDRF volunteers came to realize that this beautiful boy was not feral at all.

“He was super friendly and affectionate, just scared and tired,” said Yvonne. 

“Blue could not get enough love and seemed so relieved that he was finally being understood. What a shame it would have been to end the life of such a wonderful cat.

“BDRF is thrilled to have him live out his life in comfort at the sanctuary.” 

BDRF provides a life-long sanctuary for unadoptable cats like Blue. Caring for these cats and providing long-term medical care is costly. 

Those who would like to sponsor Blue or any other BDRF cat may visit and sign up for as little as $5 per month, or send a one-time donation to P.O. Box 116, Roxbury 06783.

Those seeking additional information may email or visit the website for additional photos and videos.

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