HARTFORD — Trinity Health of New England has announced a significant increase in its Covid-19 testing capacity.

The increase will allow for additional testing availability at Mercy Medical Center, St. Francis Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and Johnson Memorial Hospital, all members of Trinity Health of New England.  

Trinity Health of New England’s three drive-through testing sites offer Covid-19 testing to all members of the community, regardless if the individual has been a patient within the hospital system or not, including children.

“An increased capacity for Covid-19 testing for all Connecticut citizens is an essential component for the state’s re-opening strategy. We applaud Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s efforts, who recently lifted the requirement for patients to have a referral or physicians order to receive a Covid-19 test,” said Reggy Eadie, M.D., president and CEO of Trinity Health of New England.

“This change will have a positive impact on reducing barriers for many in our local, underserved communities, in which access to care may have limited their ability to obtain a physician’s order, and ultimately obtain a Covid-19 test.”

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Trinity Health of New England has launched three drive-through testing sites, utilizing the services of both local and national diagnostic laboratories, as well as launching in-house testing at several member hospitals.

As an increase in demand for Covid-19 testing is anticipated in both Connecticut and western Massachusetts, the health care system’s expansion of Covid-19 testing capabilities is expected to allow for enough testing capacity to meet that demand.

To date, Trinity Health of New England has provided testing Covid-19 testing to more than 21,000 community members served by the regional health care system.

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