Optimum Regenerative Offers Alternative to Traditional Care

Dr. Rhovia Lambino, Nurse Practitioner Andrew Paulson and Dr. Gerald Valletta at Optimum Regenerative Care, 2 Stony Hill Rd., Bethel, offer an alternative to traditional medical options. The clinic provides stem cell and other treatments.

BETHEL — Optimum Regenerative Care, 2 Stony Hill Rd., offers an alternative to traditional medical options. Clinical Director Steve Geoffrion told Voices, “Regenerative medicine is taking off because people are looking for more natural options when it comes to chronic joint pain or chronic diseases.” He regularly holds seminars to describe the treatments at the facility, which include injections of stem cells.

“Interest is high. There are usually 30 to 50 people in the room who don’t like the idea of a total knee or hip replacement or the side effects of medicine.”

He continued, “Regenerative medicine is exactly what it says it is. Our body has an innate ability to heal itself. If you remember when you were younger, you might sprain an ankle or twist a knee and you got better. As we age, the body has a harder time doing that because our stem cells age with us and are lost over time.”

According to Mr. Geoffrion, there are 200 types of cells in the human body and stem cells are master cells in charge of healing and anti-aging.

“There are many misconceptions about stem cells and a lot of misinformation on the Internet. One of those myths is that this approach is new and not yet proven effective.”

He claimed that stem cells are used safely in more than 30 countries.

“The Food and Drug Administration has administered stem cell use since November 2017 [in the United States]. It’s important for people to know that clinics and stem cell banks are highly regulated,”

The staff at Optimum Regenerative Care has a combined 20 years of experience and includes Medical Director Gerald Valletti, M.D., Andrew Paulson, APRN, and Rhovia Lambino, D.C.

“This is more than pain management or reducing inflammation. I got into this field because I enjoy the pleasure of coming to work and knowing I can change peoples’ lives.”

He shared the story of a man named Rick, who began walking four miles each day after retirement.

“Rick wanted to keep in shape but had to stop because he had pain in both knees. He visited doctors who diagnosed a torn meniscus in each knee. They recommended surgery but he didn’t want to undergo that treatment. Instead, he received stem cell injections in each knee and, after only four weeks, was back to walking four miles each day.”

“He went from a pain level of nine to zero,” Mr. Geoffrion added. “Now, to be fair, those results are not typical. Most patients shift from an eight or nine to a three or four but those same patients would consider their results as life changing.”

Many patients arrive at Optimum Regenerative Care with joint pain, but Mr. Geoffrion pointed out that the reason they want treatment is to regain activities they miss in life. “The real motivation is because they can’t play with their grandchildren or play tennis or golf. This is about quality of life; we get people out of pain and back into life.”

Optimum Regenerative Care specializes in using stem cells to treat conditions related to arthritis, degenerative joint disease, peripheral neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis but offers alternative therapies.

“Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is all about increasing the voltage or energy in the cells to strengthen them and promote repair.”

The clinic is currently offering complementary pulse wave therapy sessions, which are intended to stimulate the production of new stem cells, to those who would like to learn more by experiencing a treatment.

Other therapies include anti-aging treatments, skin rejuvenation with micro-needling, relief for erectile dysfunction, and hair restoration for both men and women.

“I’m a big fan of modern medicine but if someone has a health concern, there’s not much regenerative medicine cannot address in a safer and more natural way,” Mr. Geoffrion said.

The next free seminar describing the stem cell and other natural therapy services available at Optimum Regenerative Care will take place at 11 a.m., 2 and 6 p.m. Saturday, January 22, in the Heritage Hotel and Conference Center, 522 Heritage Rd.

Seminar reservations may be made by calling 203-970-4466.

More information is available by visiting www.optimumregenerativecare.com or liking Optimum Regenerative Care on Facebook.

Complimentary consultations are available by calling 203-917-4774.

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