Torrington: Make Music NWCT to Return

Lucinda Rowe and Michael Connolly are scheduled to perform a rooftop concert at Red Room Recording Studios in Torrington on Make Music Day, Sunday, June 21. Details of this and other events can be found at

TORRINGTON — Make Music NWCT will return to the Northwest corner on Sunday, June 21, hosted again by the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council. People from all over the community are invited to witness the unique, creative, socially-distant performances during this time when music and positive energy are most needed. All performances are free and open to the public.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many performances will be held outdoors, following socially distant parameters or online. 

The Arts Council is also providing PPE, sanitizers and disinfectant wipes and spray to venues to ensure that events stay as safe as possible. 

Audience members must wear masks when attending live performances.

Two venues, the Howards Noelke Gallery and Red Room Recording Studios, are putting on rooftop concerts in downtown Torrington.

The Arts Council has also offered two virtual opportunities for the public to collaborate through either a drumming activity or a harmonica lesson. 

Participants are invited to pick up a free pair of drumsticks or a harmonica, take a video of themselves playing, and submit it to for a compilation video to be released on June 21.

“This event is really special to the Northwest corner,” said Maddie Stenson, program director of the NWCT Arts Council. 

“The musicians here bring such a rich energy to the culture of the region, and Make Music Day is a full-on celebration of that. We hope that despite the pandemic, performances will be just as meaningful as ever.”

Make Music Day began in France in 1892 as the Fete de la Musique, and has spread to more than 800 cities across 120 countries, growing into an international celebration that takes place on the summer solstice of each year.

Each year on June 21, people of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to create music at participating venues all over the world.

Full details about Make Music NWCT can be found at  

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