WOODBURY — Community Theatre at Woodbury, Inc., has announced that Farley Fund, a private family foundation, has granted CTAW an unrestricted gift of $5,000.

Kathryn T. Farley, Ph.D., said, “I have been committed to supporting the arts and art education my whole life, both personally and professionally. This year, the Farley Fund, on my behalf, granted CTAW an unrestricted gift of $5,000, as a way of supporting the theater and honoring the invaluable contributions it has made to the Woodbury arts community.”

Dr. Farley received a doctorate in performance studies from Northwestern University, writing a dissertation that investigated the use of digital media tools in performing arts curriculums.

At Northwestern, she taught undergraduate courses exploring contemporary drama and the integration of technology into live theater.

Prior to moving to Middlebury with her husband, Dr. Richard Lipton, in September, Dr. Farley served as lecturer in digital arts at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

Though she was disappointed to have her off-Broadway debut as the lead in the play, “Auntie Mame” canceled because of the Covid-19 virus, she is thrilled to be a new member of the CTAW community.

She looks forward to participating in the theater’s array of creative projects and activities.

CTAW’s mission is to foster an environment that promotes theater arts within the greater Woodbury community as a non-profit run entirely by volunteers.

More information is available at ctaw.information@gmail.com or 203-695-7107.

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