Woodbury State’s Most Charming Town

Main Street was one of the factors that led Lyn Mettler to name Woodbury Connecticut’s most charming small town in her recent Reader’s Digest article. Other factors included the antique business, the location and the local restaurants. Ms. Mettler said, “I felt [Woodbury] was the quintessential New England town.” (O’Brien photo)

WOODBURY — Lyn Mettler, a freelance travel writer, named Woodbury the most charming town in Connecticut in an article for Reader’s Digest. Ms. Mettler said a spokesperson from the Connecticut Office of Tourism gave her a list of suggestions for the most charming Connecticut town based on criteria such as a population of less than 20,000 people, location and architecture.

Ms. Mettler researched them all and she chose Woodbury in part due to its architecture, the rich history of the region and the antiquing business.

“I felt [Woodbury] was the quintessential New England town. It has the Main Street with historic buildings and it’s surrounded by trees,” Ms. Mettler said.

“Clearly, there were a lot of great options in [Connecticut],” she added. “But I felt Woodbury seemed very New England.”

At the Board of Selectmen meeting on Thursday, August 23, Selectmen George Hale joked, “we knew that though,” in response to the “Most Charming Small Town” accolade.

Those in attendance seemed to agree, but still seemed happy with the recognition nonetheless.

Those seeking additional information may read the Reader’s Digest article at www.rd.com/advice/travel/most-charming-small-towns-in-every-state/.

Those seeking additional information on Ms. Mettler may visit her blog at www.gototravelgal.com.

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