WOODBURY — The Woodbury Library will present three accomplished artists, Mally DeSomma, Nadine Newell and Lorraine Skelsky Chapin, in the library’s gallery space April 1 through 30.

Ms. DeSomma, Ms. Newell and Ms. Chapin are longtime friends who have painted together for many years.

Mally DeSomma’s life as an artist spans more than 35 years. She considers herself lucky to be able to do the jobs she loves the most: to paint and to teach.

Through years of college courses, private instruction and numerous workshops with renowned artists, she has enjoyed and reaped many rewards throughout her career as an artist.

For more than 20 years she has taught pastels, acrylics and oils to adults and children at Artsplace, a private art school in Cheshire, where she is now one of the anchor teachers. She has also taught oils and pastels at the University of Connecticut Waterbury campus and privately in her studio in Waterbury.

Nadine Newell finds inspiration in the old barns and rolling hills of New England. The beautiful face of a grazing cow or the funny antics of a pen of chickens all enter into the thoughts behind her paintings.

“I see something in nature that I think is really wonderful and then I try to capture that on canvas for the viewer’s enjoyment,” she said.

Ms. Newell has painted in oils, her favorite medium, for many years. 

She has taken some classes and workshops but is mainly self-taught.

Southbury resident Lorraine Skelskey Chapin is an exhibiting artist at the PS Gallery in Litchfield and the Barn Gallery in New Fairfield. Saturated with light and color, her paintings of the landscape, still life, gardens and animals reflect her ability to communicate the energy and unique atmosphere of a scene.

She paints primarily impressionistic landscapes in acrylic and oil. A plein air painter, her passion is capturing scenery that speaks to the soul.

Ms. Chapin is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

The paintings will be on display during open library hours.

Those seeking additional information may visit www.woodburylibraryct.org or call 203-263-3502.

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