Roxbury: Art Exhibit Slated at Senior Center

The original paintings of Jim Stanton will be on display at Roxbury Senior Center’s art gallery until September 27. His work explores a variety of brush strokes, patterns and rendering techniques.

ROXBURY — The artwork of Jim Stanton, focused on the garden, vistas of Roxbury and Litchfield County will be on display at the Roxbury Senior Center until September 27.

Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday. His work explores a variety of brush strokes, patterns and rendering techniques informed by a study of Homer, Sargent, Hassam and Wyeth.

Mr. Stanton began studying painting and drawing in a special high school arts program hosted by the University of Cincinnati and continued his college studies there, majoring in graphic design at UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. He graduated with honors, participating in the co-op program in Chicago and New York.

After moving to New York he studied figure drawing and anatomy with Robert Beverly Hale and watercolors with Mario Cooper and Dale Meyers at the Art Students League. After working with several New York City design firms he joined Hill and Knowlton, International Public Relations Counsel in 1983 as a design director and vice president, concentrating on corporate, marketing and economic development communications.

He formed Stanton Design in 1995. Today, he designs publications, corporate identity and digital media. 

In addition, he has provided illustrations for numerous award-winning publications. His artwork is in the collection with Roxbury and collectors across the U.S.

Those seeking additional information may call the Roxbury Senior Center at 860-355-3017.

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