52 Magic Mondays Exhibit Slated

52 Magic Mondays, Megan Crandlemire’s exhibit of photography chronicling 52 train trips to New York City in 2016, will be on view from October 2 to 30 in the Gloria Cachion Gallery at the Southbury Public Library, 100 Poverty Rd.

SOUTHBURY — 52 Magic Mondays, an updated exhibit of photography by Megan Crandlemire with many images not previously seen, will be on view from October 2 to 30 in the Gloria Cachion Gallery at the Southbury Public Library, 100 Poverty Rd.

Ms. Crandlemire traveled by train into New York City every Monday for all 52 weeks in 2016 to explore and photograph the city. She traveled into each of the five boroughs and deep into the city, far beyond where the average tourist might explore.

Her photography style is journalistic in nature and the exhibit provides a unique perspective on the city. The images are a mix of black and white and color photography.

Ms. Crandlemire had a general plan when she headed into the city but let each Monday unfold as it would, taking in each moment and following her intuition throughout each visit.

She quickly realized that street photography was a meditative practice for her, keeping her very much in the moment. She walked 365 miles during her 52 Mondays.

“An amazing amount of personal and spiritual growth resulted from the project,” she said. “I am currently writing a book about the experience.”

Ms. Crandlemire is available for speaking engagements about her 52 Magic Monday journey.

An award-winning street photographer based in Oxford, Megan Crandlemire has exhibited in Brookfield, Oxford, Milford, Meriden and Mystic. She offers unique individual and family portrait sessions in Connecticut and New York City.

Those seeking additional information may visit http://megancrandlemire.com.

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