WATERTOWN - Coming off a solid first week of their abbreviated 2020 schedule, the Watertown High School volleyball team was operating with a high confidence level.

“It was a good start,” said coach Mike Theriault. “We won at St. Paul and played an emotional, but well-fought loss against Holy Cross.

“Once we built this confidence we went into week two perhaps a little too confident,” said Theriault after the Indians lost at Wolcott on October 6 and at Torrington on October 8.

“As a team we struggled with floor errors that not only gave points away, but we lost momentum that we needed to build,” Theriault said.

Playing well against Wolcott in the 3-1 loss were the team’s strongest hitters, as Sophia Spiotti, Jillian Maisto, and Morgan Hodorski all offered some strong offense.

Jessica Stango and Katie Noga continue to be near-flawless back row passers as Watertown’s setters have been able to get great passing out to their hitters.

Brielle Trudeau and Ava Williams have provided a consistent pass to the hitters.

“Many of these passes are models of what a proper and beautiful set should be,” said Theriault. “Alana Johnson also provides a speed to the game and supports the team in ways we don’t take statistics for.”

The Indians’ 3-0 loss to the Raiders prompted Theriault to take action.

“We met on October 9 and had a discussion on making adjustments and not always looking for the grand slam,” Theriault said. 

“Our hitters always want the perfect pass to make the perfect hit and it is not going to happen. We discussed checks and balances and how ‘highlight reel hits’ are only worth one point; we’re practiced making the adjustments to keep the ball live and keeping checks and balances and making them positive,” Theriault said.

The impact of Theriault’s meeting had some time to settle in on his players before they took their 1-3 record onto the floor at defending NVL champion Naugatuck High School on October 13.

“We’re hoping for a strong showing and learning something from them,” Theriault said.



The Watertown jay vees have been competitive in their games as the quick feet of Priscilla Adebambo, Allison Stoto and Charlotte Manala have helped produce a 3-1 record.

Watertown’s freshman team has been developing well as they all come to practice with “a strong intent to learn,” Theriault said. “They are hungry, but have had only two games to date (1-1).

“What I’m taking from them is that they are all playing hard and bring a future to our already young team,” Theriault said.

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