WATERTOWN - For the third time in five matches, the undefeated Watertown High School’s girls’ tennis team gave no quarter as they shut out their opposition, defeating St. Paul Catholic High School, 7-0 at Crestbrook Park on April 23. 

After a pair of close wins in the first two singles matches, the Indians asserted themselves, defeating their Falcon opponents by a combined score of 40-5.

During their torrid early season run, coach Mark Zaborowsaki’s team has won by a mind-bending total of 33-2, including a 7-0 win over NVL rival Seymour High School on April 22.  


1. Sarah Cipriano d. Jennings, 8-6

2. Morgan Bennett d. Bagdasarian, 8-6

3. Sophie Spiotti d. Raymond, 8-1

4. Sophia Charbonneau d. Chandler, 8-0.


1. Emma Kite/Allison Stoto d. Alderete/Orio, 8-1

2. Sydney Butwell/Anesa Xhema d. Kronen/Singleton, 8-1

3. Lira Cenko/Emalyn Osborne d. Johnson/Gonzalez, 8-2.

The Indians improved to 3-0 with a 6-1 win over Naugatuck High School at Crestbrook Park on April 20.


1. Sarah Cipriano d. Deptula, 8-1

2. Morgan Bennett d. Daptardar, 8-6

3. Sophia Spiotti d. Antunes, 8-4

4. Grella d. Sophie Charbonneau, 8-5.


1. Emma Kite/Allie Soto d. Rotatori/Smith, 8-4

2. Sydney Butwell/Anesa Xhema d. Morrissey/Olofson, forfeit

3. Lira Cenka/Emalyn Osborne d. Burke/Meyer, 8-0.

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