Ventura Wins 12th Ladies’ Title; Guerrera Wins WGC Championship

WGC CHAMP - Anthony Guerrera at right, holds the trophy for winning the men’s club championship at the Watertown Golf Club over the zLabor Day weekend. Guerrera, a 2016 Watertown High School graduate, defeated Jim LaMadeleine, at left in blue shirt, in the final.

WATERTOWN - The Watertown Golf Club’s 2019 Ladies and Mens champions were crowned over the Labor Day weekend, as Cheryl Ventura and Anthony Guerrera claimed the honors under cloudy skies.

Ventura continued her dominance, winning the Sara Brown Ladies Club Championship by defeating Anne O’Dell in the title match.

The championship victory was Ventura’s 12th Club Championship win in 15 appearances in the finals, and her second straight agsainst O’Dell.

“I congratulate Cheryl on her victory this year,” said WGC PGA Club Professional Ian Marshall. “Anne O’Dell has played in the finals the past two years and has come close each time, which it isn’t easy to do, so congratulations to Anne on another trip to the final.”

Guerrera, like Marshall, a former Watertown High School star, won the men’s title by defeating Jim LaMadeleine. “Anthony, like he did at WHS, just continues to get better each and every time he’s out there, and is certainly a very worthy champion,” said Marshall.  




1st Round Match Results

(1) J. LaMadeleine d. (8) N. Ricciardi

(5) Z. Coderre d. (4) M. Deschenses Jr.

(2) A. Guerrera d. (7) M. Bordiere

(3) V. Capece d. (6) B. Cyr.

2nd Round Match Results

(1) J. LaMadeleine d. (5) Z. Coderre 4 and 3

(2) A. Guerrera d. (3) V. Capece 1up.


(2) A. Guerrera d. (1) J. LaMadeleine 8 & 7.


1st Round Match Results

(1) K. Janson - BYE

(5) S. DelBuono d. (4) M. Deschenses Sr.

(2) S. Gritti d. (7) B. Siepmann

(3) M. Fasano d. (6) S. Anderson.

2nd Round Match Results

(5) S. DelBuono d. (1) K. Janson

(2) S. Gritti d. (3) M. Fasano.


(2) S. Gritti d. (5) S. DelBuono.


1st Round Match Results

(1) P. Montesano - BYE 

(4) J. Hogan d. (5) P. Leger

(2) T. Talarico - BYE

(6) G. MacDonald d. (3) R. Dubuque.

2nd Round Match Results

(1) P. Montesano d. (4) J. Hogan

(2)T. Talarico d. (6) G. MacDonald.


(1) P. Montesano d. (2) T. Talarico.


1st Round Match Results (100% Handicap)

(1) P. Jessell d. (8) M. Calabrese (w)

(4) R. Fasano d. (5) K. Weston

(7) J. Spatola (w) d. (2) V. Vicenzi 

(3) M. Tatalias d. (6) R. Kane.

2nd Round Match Results

(1) P. Jessell d. (4) R. Fasano

(7) J. Spatola (w) d. (3) M. Tatalias.


(1) P. Jessell d. (7) J. Spatola (w).

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