Which would we rather have?

Do we prefer the start of a winter sports season ASAP, everyone all hyped up, coaches, players, parents and fans getting themselves fully engaged, only to have another surge of COVID-19 bring everything to a screeching halt?

Or, can we try being patient, waiting to see that if everyone stays apart for a spell, the rates drop and a vaccine or two is developed and available for use?

That might mean we could start an abridged season sometime in January or February, play straight through to a league and/or state tournament, give the kids a uninterrupted season and really build some momentum and positivity as we look forward to spring and getting outdoors.

The CIAC, which does get a lot of things wrong, got this one right when they announced on Tuesday that the season would be put on hold until at least January 19, subject to how things proceed over the next month or so.

Are the odds better than 50-50 that the various state agencies, are going to give the go-ahead?

Probably not, but we should be willing to give it a chance, because as things stand now, there is little to no way a seaaon gets played - at all. 

Let’s kick back, take a few deep breaths, and hope for the best.      

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