Theriault Believes in His WHS Volleyball Captains

VOLLEYBALL LEADERS - The Watertown High School volletball tri-captains for the 2021 season are Ava Williams, Katie Noga and Sophia Spiotti.

WATERTOWN - Prior to the start of the team’s season-opening game at Kennedy High School on on September 14, Watertown High School girls’ volleyball coach Michael Theriault announced the selection of his team’s tri-captains for the 2021 season, naming Ava Williams, Katie Noga, and Sophia Spiotti to lead the team.

“All three of these young ladies have been varsity players since their sophomore year,” said Theriault.

“Beyond the fall season, they have committed themselves to the sport from their freshmen season and each of them bring a certain level of class, on-court skills, and leadership.

“Ava Williams is one of the program’s fastest-improved players; she started off as a scared freshmen who wanted to play the sport that her sister played. Working with the Northwest YMCA over her freshmen winter, she quickly defined herself as a setter and she has played as the teams primary setter since her sophomore season,” said Theriault.

“Katie has worked on and off season specifically on her defensive skills; she has used private coaches to support her personal goals as well. 

“Sophia has been a powerful force on and off court, the ball with extreme might that will pose a problem for other teams. Her defense at the net and her back row passing will allow us to compete against some of the mightiest NVL teams.” 

Theriault believes the senior leadership will rise to their responsibilities and take the team with them.

“I’ve put high expectations on the captains this season; after being named, I put the responsibility on them to make sure that they have a role in keeping the team practices are pushing hard.

“Two weeks ago the team had some lackluster efforts at practice and we had a team meeting,” said Theriault. 

“In response the team has had some great practices as we covered many parts of the game. The captains agreed and plan on keeping a thrust behind the team.”

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