WATERTOWN - Like everything else in this world turned upside down, the Naugatuck Valley League and it’s sports divisions will have a new look to it this fall season, which is still slated to begin on Thursday, October 1.

Out are the Brass, Iron and Copper divisions; in are the North, South and City divisions for the abbreviated seasons in boys and girls soccer, cross country, girls’ volleyball, and girls’ swimming and diving.

And not football.

There will not be any wandering around; travel will be tightly limited as a preventative measure against the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus, which is espcially critical with the traditional flu season warming up in the bullpen and ready to end the season with less than a moment’s notice.

No league champions will be crowned, and there will be no more than two games a week.

How does this all affect Watertown High School’s teams, you want to know.

Here goes: The Indians will be in the North Division (or ‘pod’) with Torrington, Wolcott, Naugatuck and St. Paul Catholic. (Holy Cross will be in the North in boys’ soccer, while the Indians will be in the South in girls’ swimming and diving).

The Indians will face only those schools this fall, some perhaps three times, which certainly won’t hurt the long-standing rivalries between them.

The NVL setup will have no effect on the girls’ field hockey team, which plays in the Northern Division of the South-West Conference.

How the schedule is going to take form and will fans be allowed?; stay tuned for further developments.

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