Hosting COVID-19 Fundraiser “Flinggolf” Passion of Local Group

MILES AND MILES - Chris Martin gives a demonstration of ‘flinggolf,’ a game which combines lacrosse and golf. (Dreher photo)

WATERTOWN - Peanut Butter and Chocolate; Iced Tea and Lemonade; Laurel and Hardy; Lennon and McCartney.

When combined, there are people and ingredients which just seem to work together, creating a lasting impression.

What Chris Martin, Matt Baker and Chris Parkhurst of Watertown and their partner Tim Janco of Torrington, as well as many entrepenuers are hoping is that the next double-ingredient which captures the public’s fancy is combining golf and lacrosse.

That’s right, and why not?; after all, look how big ultimate frisbee became locally and throughout the country. 

“It’s a quick-paced game, said Parkhurst. “I guess you can call it fling golf, and all you need is one club.”

That is ture; when making a first attempt at mastering the nuances on their practice hole in Morris, I was handed a ‘stick,’ which is the only device one needs; no need to carry a bag full of hundreds of dollars of clubs.

There is no right or wrong way to play, and the game can be played on any regulation golf course; instead of teening of, a player can take his stick, put a regulation golf ball in the trap at the end of it and fling it as one would a lacrosse ball; from there, the player can continue to proceed to the green, from where the stick can be used as a putter to complete the hole.

“We already have four courses as partners,” said Martin. “We feel this will help golf courses attract more younger players to their facilities, with so many of them playing lacrosse, they’ll feel like they’re right at home.”

For anyone who is frustrated by the sometimes-slow pace of golf, the game is right up your alley. 

“The quick pace relaxes you more,” said Parkhurst; it makes the game more fun and less stress-inducing.”

It seems to; in fact, after getting the routine down, my yardage off the ‘tee,’ as it were, was much longer flinging the ball down the fairway than using my usual irons (can’t hit a driver to save my life).

The ‘fling stick,’ which comes in three sizes is being distributed by the partners, doesn’t have to be used solely on a golf course; any field will do, and when not needing to fling the ball a distance, the stick comes in handy for a driveway putting contest.

“You can play anytime or anywhere and there is no right or wrong,” said Martin.

For anyone who would like to try the format out while helping those in need, the group will be sponsoring a nine-hole fundraising tournament for the 4-CT COVID-19 Relief Fund at Gainfield Farms Golf Course in Southbury on Saturday, July 11, with regiatration beginning at 9:30 a.m. with tee-off at 10 a.m.

For additional information and/or to register, go to:

“We believe this will bring the fun back to golf for a lot of people,” said Martin.

And you won’t even have to replace any divots, to the delight of groundskeepers everywhere.

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