Forget about the Giants; the Philadelphia Eagles owed them zilch, zippo, nada. 

Big Blue has nothing to complain about after finishing 6-10 and missing out on the NFC East titlle; that’s on them for 0-5 and 1-7 records.

The Giants and Eagles are mortal enemies already.

The problem for Eagles’ coach Doug Pederson is now the enemies within.

Within his own locker room, that is, after he surrendered the season finale in front of a nationwide audience against Washington on Sunday Night when he replaced starting quarterback Jalen Hurts with in-over-his-head third stringer Nate Sudfeld in the fourth quarter of a winnable game.

The disgust the NBC cameras showed on the Philly sideline was apparent; how do those players trust their coach again?

With all the pandering coming out of TV booths, it was refreshing to hear Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth take Pederson to task; they have the stroke to withstand being intimidated.

It’s not only Carson Wentz who has a ‘beyond repair’ relationship with Pederson now.

Several players in fact had to be restrained both on the sideline and in the post-game locker room. 

With the loss, Philly settled into the sixth position in the draft, but that’s one player.

How many players did Pederson lose as a result of his white-flag raising after theyr poured their hearts out - and for what? -  that remains to be seen.

Joe Judge and the Giants won’t forget, either.

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