WATERTOWN - After a 6-4-1 season in 2020, the Watertown High School boys’ soccer program will look to bounce back with it’s usual high-win, low-loss numbers under coach Vitto Caligiuri when what we all hope will be a back-to-normlal-length season, which will begin at Woodland Regional on Saturday, September 11 at 11 a.m.

SENIORS: Edis Arslan, Ryan Butwell, Liam Farrell, Lucas Fenn, Betim Kllobcishta, Wesley, Kulikauskas, Arben Nuredini, Ty Phelan.

JUNIORS: Jack Geise, Nathan LaMadeleine, Kyle Longo, Gavin Maton, Zachary Polletta, Ben Schweyer, Eri Spaho, Ian Vasquez, Zackary Warner, Kyle Zaccagnini.

SOPHOMORES: Luke Acuna, Arlin Fero, Colin Krayeske, Owen Kulikauskas, Dilan Mamudi, Arian Mazari, Joseph Sirica.

FRESHMEN: Brody Geise, Joseph Gotlibowski, Klarent Kutroli, Anthony Martone, Brandon Murtishi, David Perugini, Matthew Ramos, Mateo Sejdaras, Gabrial Xhukellari.

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