To the Editor:

It’s so disheartening to see the number of Biden-Harris yard signs that have been damaged, stolen or vandalized over the past month. This election year is contentious and angry and vile, but as neighbors we should be better. Have disagreements, unfollow people on Facebook, stop talking to your neighbor if that’s what you need to do - but these yard signs are a form of Freedom of Speech. While dropping off Biden-Harris yard signs to residents in town this year, myself and others have been accosted by angry neighbors. Over 30 Biden-Harris yard signs have been stolen in the past two weeks alone.

Is this seriously what it’s come to? How pathetic and immature can someone be that they’re triggered by a temporary plastic sign in someone else’s yard? 

People with Biden signs have had their pumpkins stolen or smashed, people’s yards have been run over in order to damage a Biden-Harris sign, threatening notes have been left and people have stomped on flowerbeds. 

This is insanity at this point. Three-quarters of these complaints have gone unreported because of fear of retaliation or worse.

I commend the Watertown Police Department for making a statement, and for reminding residents to respect private property. We also need neighbors to stand up for what is right and look out for each other’s yards and homes. 

Regardless of party affiliation or candidate support, it is never okay to damage or steal someone’s personal property. Can we at least all agree on that?

Not only is this immature and unnecessary, but it’s illegal. Leave people’s property alone. Please report these actions if you witness them.


Robert Piazzaroli


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