To the Editor:

I won’t be voting for Joe Polletta or Eric Berthel in November as they support the nepotism and cronyism we have in Watertown.

When Republican state Rep. Joe Polletta served on the Town Council as a Democrat in 2014, he pushed for hiring Robert Scannell as our town manager based on his master’s degree and experience in municipal administration as the Winchester Police Chief.

I reached out to Rep. Polletta and Sen. Berthel on Facebook to ask how they feel about the hiring of Mark Raimo as our town manager. Raimo has no municipal administration experience and has not completed his bachelor’s degree. My questions on Rep. Polletta’s site continue to disappear without response, and Sen. Berthel does not answer. Could they be in shock and rendered speechless about the Town Council’s blatant cronyism? I doubt it.

When I question or challenge actions of the Town Council at meetings, Rep. Polletta calls me “crazy” from the audience. Sen. Berthel promotes Q-Anon, an FBI named domestic terrorism threat. Polletta and Berthel disregard the legitimate, moral issues raised by the people they are supposed to represent. I don’t think they are the type of people we want representing us in Hartford.


Katherine Camara


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