To the Editor:

It’s a little late for concern over the half-million dollars in change orders for the Heminway municipal building project.

Where was that concern in December 2018?

A wall had been constructed as part of the plan — the floor had been cut, pipe was run to the lower level, ductwork was complete, fire protection was in and electrical circuitry was run.

However, Council Chairman Tom Winn wanted another three feet added to the Council’s unnecessary caucus room.

On November 20, 2018, the Public Buildings Committee voted no to the change order.

On December 3, the Council majority overrode the PBC decision and the wall was deconstructed, contributing $24,000 to the now questioned half-million dollars of change orders.

Every dollar counts does not apply to our tax dollars.

Just something else to remember when you vote for members of our local government.


Katherine Camara


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