To the Editor:

What exactly is happening with our local government, in particular Chairman Tom Winn? If it wasn’t bad enough that the May 4 Town Council meeting was completely uninformative, the May 18 meeting was canceled.

Is it possible that our town has had no business for a month, or really, since the time Mr. Winn sold his home in town?

There should be plenty to report on our Municipal Center with offices moving in and buildings being emptied, and what about the formation of a long-term Covid-19 recovery committee?

As I wrote a few weeks ago, our charter states that an elected official must remain a registered voter in Watertown to hold their seat.

The registrar of voters recently advised me that Mr. Winn is registered in Watertown and lists his residence as that of the house he sold and vacated.

The state website says that voter registrations should always reflect current residential addresses. Is Mr. Winn in violation of our charter, and does he deserve to continue to serve on our town council?

Since he is not holding council meetings and does not allow public participation when he does, we the people need to contact the other eight council members and ask them to review this situation.

I urge others who feel this situation is egregious to contact a council member and ask them to investigate. All members are listed on the town website with telephone numbers.

In the directory on the left of the home page, click on Boards and Commissions and then open Directory of Boards and Commissions to find them.

We deserve better in this time of crisis.

Katherine Camara


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