To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter to defend the Housing Authority office. I worked with a great group of guys who I’m proud to call my friends. We worked well together and loved our jobs.

I didn’t write my letters to start this back and forth communication with the residents. I wanted to inform everyone of the unprofessional way we were let go from the Authority. I never imagined I would be told to “leave your keys and passwords, clean your desk, today is your last day.”

I don’t appreciate someone saying we had “perks and high salaries.” I worked at Housing 17 years and earned my raises due to my work ethic, professionalism, concern and compassion I showed to the residents. Christmas bonuses were a gift from the commissioners. We didn’t get raises or bonuses the last few years and that was okay. I was happy just to have a job.

I didn’t like the false statement made about “being afraid to come to the office.” The residents that made that comment lived at Housing only a few years and visited the office many times. Obviously, they heard that false statement from a “disgruntled” resident or “crony” who enjoys living in the limelight.

I’m glad to hear that you are happy with the interim management company. I hope they take care of you and listen to your problems as I did. I handled a lot of issues and faced many challenges. It was a very rewarding experience knowing I could help the seniors and put a smile on their faces. I was honest and treated everyone equally. Good luck to you and I hope you have many peaceful years at the Watertown Housing Authority.


Cheryl D’Agostino


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