To the Editor:

Here is why you should vote No on all the Watertown Charter questions listed on the November 3rd election ballot.

(1) The Town Council hired inexperienced and undereducated Mark Raimo as town manager.

(2) They set his salary at $127,500 with other benefits, too, which is roughly what we paid for a qualified candidate with a master’s degree. Mark Raimo has no degree; his value is barely half of what he’s been awarded.

His hiring is an underhanded farce and a huge embarrassment for Watertown. The Town Council clearly demonstrated their focus is on cronyism, not the people of Watertown. They bypassed a talented pool of candidates to pick one of their friends who won’t question anything they want to do, and frankly, does not know enough to question anything they do. His salary bears no relationship to his experience, but likely reflects a payment for loyalty to the council.

Mr. Raimo has no college degree and no experience with this type of work. Instead of giving us a real town manager, they gave us a political crony without giving us the chance to vote for one as mayor.

This is too much to swallow. We deserve to either vote for a mayor or for them to hire a qualified town manager. Yet, the council did not even give us the choice to choose our leadership form of government, the right to vote for either a mayor or first selectman in the Charter questions.

What can we do? Take action to show the Republican majority on the Town Council that we are sick of their cronyism. We want a choice. Vote No on each of the 11 Charter questions on the November 3rd ballot.


Rose Soboleski


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