To the Editor:

I am one of the 173 petitioners for a mayoral vs. manager government in Watertown-Oakville not named Avoletta or Butterly.

Yes, Tom Winn and Rob Kane, you guys have had our names and addresses for 60 days. We all wanted to attend the public hearings supporting the mayoral referendum in a real New England town hall. We planned to pack the meeting with our petitioners. Instead, we had to watch the hearings in farcical telephone zoom calls which even the major networks have not mastered.

Sadly, the “masters” of referendum blocking, Charter Revision Chairman Rob Kane and Town Council Chairman Tom Winn have ruled the day. 

We petitioners have never been thanked or acknowledged for sparking this debate by these powerful men. We are little bugs they are waiting to crush.

I was born and raised in Watertown. I was a 1971 WHS football vaptain that loved growing up here. I raised my family here. There was only one thing missing in town then and now – Democracy.

We do not directly elect our mayor. We are “managed” by an appointee. 

I don’t think Mr. Kane or Mr. Winn, both of whom were not raised in Watertown-Oakville, can appreciate how much we love our town. We deserve better. We deserve the right to elect our leaders.

Please schedule that referendum. We petitioners have shown you the support for it. Only arrogance will cause you to block it.


Robert Rose


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