To the Editor:

It was nice to receive acknowledgement from Town Council Chair Thomas Winn and the Town Council at the August 19 meeting. The Golf Course at Crestbrook Park has certainly made a comeback to what it once was to the Town of Watertown. 

Not only the course, but also the park, swimming pool, tennis courts, pavilion and the lake for fishing and non-motorized boating have all seen a large growth in the amount of use. 

Add to that a full-service restaurant, The Sunset Grille, and the Golf Course and Park have returned to being “The Jewel of Watertown.”

It has been a collective team effort to accomplish this renaissance including Parks and Recreation Director Lisa Carew and her staff, Course Foreman Ray Marks, Course Mechanic Steve Palmer and the staff who mow and maintain the park and course. 

Golf Pro Jan Wivestad and his staff, who meet and greet the golfers on a daily basis. Roy Cavanaugh and the Public Works Department have been very helpful in completing larger projects. 

The Town’s IT Department has brought the golf course online for internet tee times. 

Finally, the management and staff of The Sunset Grille have given the course a restaurant with fine dining and a beautiful panoramic view of the park.

Another group that has made this transformation possible are the commissioners of the Watertown Parks and Recreation Commission. 

They volunteer their time to help set policies and procedures for all Parks and Recreation facilities. Their guidance was key in the plan to return Crestbrook Park and Golf Course to past glory. 

I am proud to be the chair of the commission and serve alongside Vice Chair Ken LaRosa, Secretary Christopher Martin, Pat Rinaldi, Sabra Ann Sarendrea, Margaret Germain and Herm Desena.

Their personal and professional experience have been instrumental in moving the Parks and Recreation Department forward to improve the quality of life of the residents of Watertown and Oakville.


Bill Donston

Chair, Watertown Parks 

and Recreation Commission

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