To the Editor:

I am a resident of the Watertown Housing Authority. I have had enough with Katherine Camara’s false letters to the editor and false public participation statements about past authority chairman and current Town Manager Mark Raimo. 

Camara has no goal at all in the betterment of Watertown and the WHA. Camara’s statements are nothing but personal attacks.

Ms. Camara states in her 2/18 letter that at the 2/10 authority meeting that Mr Raimo “interrupted the meeting and starting giving direction as to how the process should proceed. A sort of Zoom bomb.” 

Does Camara expect anyone at all to believe that the “Mark” signed into the meeting, who refused to give his last name, was past Chairman Raimo?

Camara states: “The WHA advertisement for a property manager included unnecessary requirements that kept other qualified businesses from bidding. 

Was this intentional to keep the number of applicants down?” How convenient for Camara to leave out the facts. This advertisement was listed for five days in both the Town Times and Waterbury Republican. It was also posted on the authority website. If only two companies bid on this job then so be it.

Camara also left out another very important piece of information. 

The specification documents for property manager, according to the authority attorney, were vetted and approved by CHFA.

Join me in demanding better from our town leadership by not voting for Katherine Camara in November. 

I also request that current Watertown Housing Authority Chairwoman Janelle Wilk remove public participation from all authority meetings in order to eliminate these constant personal attacks that don’t belong at our meetings.

Marzia Noss


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