To The Editor:

After he was named town manager, Mark Raimo resigned from the Planning and Zoning and Council of Government Commissions effective September 28. He signed his town manager contract shortly thereafter. He delayed his resignation as chairman of the Watertown Housing Authority Commission until October 30, when he terminated all the WHA employees and hired crony Propertyworx to manage the WHA properties. This is like former Town Council Chairman Tom Winn delaying his resignation from the council until crony Raimo was hired as town manager.

Watertown boards and commissions have an obligation to adhere to by-laws, policies, procedures, regulations and statutes. I don’t have to live in a WHA complex to question the actions of the WHA Commission. Many people in Watertown want all our commissions to follow all laws and procedures and operate with integrity.

There are several actions by the WHA Commission that warrant further scrutiny.

The state stepped in when it learned that the WHA Commission hired a vendor that does not meet their criteria and without the proper procurement process. Propertyworx was then deemed an interim vendor because the WHA employees had already been terminated. Now the state has requested that the WHA follow the proper procurement process to hire a management company, which was not done under Chairman Mark Raimo’s tenure.

Janelle Wilk, the newly elected chairwoman of the WHA Commission, voted to terminate Phil Mahler on October 30. Afterwards, she gave herself his job as acting executive director without a commission discussion or vote of approval. This function was supposed to be performed by Propertyworx.

In addition, Ms. Wilk’s social media photographs show upgrades made to her parent’s WHA complex unit. These changes are not allowed under the WHA regulations.

It’s time to put doing what is right for Watertown residents ahead of favoritism for Republicronies.


Katherine Camara


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