To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Palladino’s letter, I have a few questions.

The LGBTQ+ community has viewed nothing but heterosexual relationships in the media, and in real life, for the majority of time – so why do you feel they can’t show their relationships the same way? 

Children are being taught that they can love, say, and be whoever they want – you feel that this is abnormal?

You state that you’re being condemned for your nationality, something that isn’t immediately visible – how do you think the BIPOC community feels, being immediately judged by the color of their skin?

Do you personally know any undocumented people? You might, and not even know it. 

When speaking to this community, I’ve found the vast majority are working members of society, paying taxes, looking for a path to legality and have never once taken a single thing for free.

You mentioned our nation’s historical facts are being rewritten...did you learn about Katherine Johnson, Annie Lee Cooper, or Marsha P. Johnson in school? 

Because I didn’t, and they were all pioneers for our nation. Or even the Tulsa Race Massacre? Instead, I was taught that Christopher Columbus and the Native Americans were friends, all celebrating together, which is not a historical fact.

Do you know the definition of equity? It means giving people the resources they need to get them to the same starting line alongside everyone else. 

Certain lives don’t matter more than others, but they have been held back from the starting line for so long that they need extra resources. 

Change doesn’t happen quietly – it happens through revolution (like the Boston Tea Party, or our country’s independence). 

Our country is not being destroyed, it’s evolving to be a better place for everyone – liberty and justice for all.

Karina Sorensen


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