To the Editor:

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of this underperforming school board.

Following their fumbling, bumbling and mumbling on the Watertown High mascot issue, it presents a budget not complete and then tells everyone it will need nearly $3 million to take care of important issues they neglected.

They’ll get it from the general fund, that’s for certain, but every taxpayer in town will have to belly up to the trough and toss in a share somewhere along the line.

Board members who have done their homework don’t make these type of monumental errors. And, the board’s leadership has failed to get the troops organized and on the right page.

It’s time for a change.

This board has fumbled enough to make a football team cringe and our new superintendent needs stronger support to battle the sneaky behavior of the cancel culture, woke tendencies and critical race theory clowns.

The Indian farce was the initial strike for these lefty loonies. But they have bigger ideas as do their comrades around the country who are quickly coming under heavy fire.

They’ve formed an outpost here with the use of the Zoom meeting. You know when they line up their supporters and do everything they can to blunt the opposition. It worked here with the clueless school board, which apparently didn’t care about the consequences.

Alert citizens should be bored with the current board and support capable replacements in November. Check the cancel culture, woke and critical race theory lefties and keep our schools going in the fine direction they went in years past.

Your kids depend on it and they should be offered the subjects that made this country great.

This board isn’t capable and should be shown the door.

Richard Avoletta


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