To the Editor:

Being a former police commission chairman, I strongly disagree with the decision for a third stop sign at Echo Lake Road and Porter Street. Why does this town always cater to small interest groups and not think of the safety of everyone in town. The setup that we have now has been working for a long time with no accidents.

If you stop and think about it this change will cause accidents. We will have people stopping three ways, and people trying to pull into Daveluy’s with cars in line to go up Echo Lake Road at the stop sign. Pedestrians will be trying to cross the street.

If drivers would obey the signs the way they are, we would not have any problems, but most people think they own the road and can just go through a stop sign. People need to start being responsible, slow down and watch out for themselves and others.

In driving around town, I see many people at the traffic light on Main Street and French Street. They go right through the light and turn right, when the sign reads No Turn On Red. The light on Echo Lake Road and Main Street is the same thing. We need to start calling in the license numbers to the police department and turning them in.

The majority of drivers think “hurray for me and the heck with you.”


Ronald Russ


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