To the Editor:

Something to think about.

Early in 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, a virtually unknown group of cancel culture activists petitioned the Watertown School Board to eliminate the Indian as Watertown High School mascot for reasons unknown to most Native Americans.

Their action was a bolt out of the blue and most students took it with a grain of salt. 

The students and many of their parents didn’t complain, and little effort was made to explain the reason or ask the students what they thought of the change.

After employing their favorite weapon, the secretive and sneaky Zoom meetings where the audience is screened by the originators, it was decided to ax the Indian, despite more than 1,000 petition signers who wanted to put smoke on the cancel culture fire.

Nevertheless, the board set a date of June 22 to retire the Indian and bring out a new mascot.

Now, just wait a minute.

The board, apparently fearing the outcome of a planned referendum, has suddenly jumped ahead to April 6 for another virtual session to recruit a new name and set out on the trail of newness before the results of a planned referendum. 

Apparently, fear has a way of speeding things up for cancel culturists.

This whole process has been a sham from the beginning and many Watertown High supporters are befuddled.

Why not let alumni, sports groups and school supporters have their say? A referendum will decide the outcome by those who should decide it.

Not by teachers, students or activists following the lead of the cancel culture, who want to drink at the publicity trough.

Richard Avoletta


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