To the Editor:

I believe that striving to achieve transparency in any governing body or town is a must. With that being said I believe transparency is a two way street and don’t think we should demand it from one side when we ourselves are not transparent. 

I am concerned that recent personal attacks on members of our community, who volunteer countless hours, are veiled under the pretext of transparency.

In regards to recent letters to the editor calling Watertown “Corruption Junction” and complaining about cronyism, I have decided to look beyond the words on the page and more into the reasons behind the relentless attacks by a very small group. 

Katherine Camara complained about money the town has spent but doesn’t mention the tens of thousands of dollars she costs the town yearly with her monthly FOI requests.

As Cheryl D’Agostino was quick to point out, Camara attends all town meetings, reads through and documents the minutes to keep us informed. 

I don’t believe she does this to inform Watertown citizens, but as a personal vendetta for wrongs she believes have been done to her by Watertown.

She ran for Town Council and was not elected as she wouldn’t have acted in the interest of the town but rather run her own agenda, as she is doing now through the Town Times. 

Her family member was arrested, she believes unjustly, for breaking into someone’s home, robbing and destroying it, so she retaliates. Where is the transparency there?

D’Agostino has written a number of times about losing her job at WHA, and yet from the residents’ letters we can see that her portrayal of her job performance was not transparent. 

Is it “cronyism” that let her keep her job? The retaliation must end.

Rita King


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