To the Editor:

It was as baseball great Yogi Berra once said: “Deja vu all over again” when Watertown High basketball fans walked into the school gym last week to find the words “Watertown” tattooed on one end of the court and “Indians” on the other end.

And, at the scorer’s table, a sign proclaiming “Watertown, Home of the Indians,” was evident as was the Indian likeness on the championship banners.

That is perfection.

As the game was set to begin, fans wondered why the public address announcer began calling out the starting lineup for the Warriors, making a premature appearance.

Where are the lefty supporters who championed the mascot switch.

No one cheered. The school administrators who urged departed school board chairman Liz Crotty to lead the crusade against the Indian aren’t around either.

Realistically, no one wants the Warriors except the Wamogo faithful up north in Litchfield.

Watertown has loved the Indian for 80 years. The support has not diminished, despite the efforts of a secretive cabal whose calling card is “we will tell you what you want.” The majority no longer rules in the Watertown school system.

While the present school board tries to unwrap the mistakes of the preceding board and the Superintendent of Schools tries vainly to please just about everyone, it’s time for a return to sensibility and the establishment of a vote on the Indian subject.

This is no longer a back room school issue. The public has a right to participate and is anxious to do just that.

Richard Avoletta


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