To the Editor:

Millions of people are out of work because of the Covid-19 virus. Many can’t pay their mortgage or their monthly rent. They are forced to use lifetime savings to pay for ordinary living expenses. Parents rely on food banks to feed their families. 

For many, there is little chance of finding a job or producing enough income to escape poverty. When unemployment benefits are exhausted, family income becomes zero.

In Washington D.C., Democrats in the House of Representatives have enacted an aid package that would provide a measure of relief. But the Republican controlled Senate has engaged in endless negotiations, delaying the passage of any meaningful aid. 

Nevertheless, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently reported that agreement for a relief package may soon be reached. Senate Democrats and Republicans were working toward an agreement. But now negotiations have ended.

Enter our Covid-19 virus infected president, who has decreed that no more negotiations should take place until after the presidential election. 

When he wins, he says, he will produce a generous Covid relief package for all who need it. So if you are suffering from the economic effects of the virus, just hang in there, vote for Trump and wait for your reward until after November 3rd.

Does Trump think that this maneuver will result in more people voting for him? No one should be fooled. Trump is playing games with the lives of millions. 

A real leader would insist on around the clock negotiations until an aid package is passed. People need financial relief now, not at some uncertain future time. It’s shameful for Trump to use the promise of financial aid as bait for desperate voters. More evidence that Trump’s priority is his re-election and not the wellbeing of those in need.


Frederick W. Krug


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