To the Editor:

Our First Lady, Mrs. Trump, is an immigrant to our land. She epitomizes the best in all of us. Due to her intelligence, poise under pressure and elegance, she has succeeded in her life beyond all expectations.

Now she is our First Lady, sophisticated and cultured, a devoted wife and a caring mother. 

On her trips abroad, she has been well admired and respected by all the royalty and dignitaries she has met. 

She speaks many languages and makes all the heads of government and their staffs feel at ease and comfortable. She compares favorably with all the other First Ladies.

Some members of the press and theatrical culture dislike all that is being accomplished by our present administration. 

Instead of criticism, they should learn from the life of Mrs. Trump.

You are supposed to be the trendsetters of our society. But, for too long, with criticisms, you have stopped being relevant and creative in our culture.

This is the time of your redemption. Accept the will of the nation. The Trumps have done a creditable job in the White House.

In our next election, don’t let animosity ruin our national honor. 

If you are a discontent, instead of hateful criticism present a better, intelligent, workable alternative to the voters.


Rocco M. Calabrese


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