To the Editor:

I have been living at one of the Watertown Housing Authority complexes for 12 years and have known Sharon Pratt for 11-1/2 of them. During that time, the only thing I have seen is that woman trying hard to help people. She works tirelessly advocating for all tenants. She is there for the tenants 24/7 if and when needed. With Sharon Pratt, everyone is treated equally. She doesn’t pick and choose or show favoritism.

As far as our new interim management company, this was the best thing that has happened to our tenants. We are now all treated with dignity and respect. There is now total transparency and we can even go online to see where our rent money is being spent. We now have a say in our community.

If anyone deserves an apology, it would be Ms. Pratt, Mr. Raimo and the commissioners. They listened to what the tenants wanted, the ones paying rent which in turn paid for the past management’s high salaries and perks. Disgruntled employees and outsiders need to stop arguing and using the seniors for their vendettas. Unless you are volunteering to pay our rent each month, kindly take your issues somewhere else. Trust us, we are capable of thinking and caring for ourselves. That’s how we made it to be seniors.

Thank you to the new interim management company for putting the needs of all our tenants first, the way it should have been in the past.


Karen Whitten


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